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Hal Licino

The Art Of Creating A Customer Experience Through Transactional Emails

Aug 19 2014, 06:00 AM by

Customer Experience Required The copy in your transactional emails is likely the most impactful text you will write as an online marketer. Some experts maintain that it has an even greater effect on your brand’s bottom line than the text on your website or social media posts. The reason for this phenomenal power of transactional emails is that the text in these missives will be seen by countless thousands of customers who have engaged your brand and thus establish the aura of your customer service. The tone of your transactional emails can have an enormous impact on your customer list churn, overall retention, and how your customer views your entire brand identity. In your quest to optimize the entire customer experience you have to pay close attention to your transactional email text!

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Shireen Qudosi

The Devil is in the Details: Simple Ways to Create a Personalized Customer Experience [Part 1 of 2]

Aug 19 2014, 03:00 AM by

Customer Experience Required Small business owners have a definite advantage when it comes to creating a compelling customer experience. They can do what most other businesses can’t – and that’s to directly give their time and attention. Here’s where there difference lies between small business owners and their counterparts: big business can spend the money to offer amenities but those gestures are expected and often inauthentic – or taken for granted by wealthy clients. Stepping down a notch, most mid-sized businesses have surpassed their small business status and are so entrenched on scaling up, that they miss the mark on this one. For mid-sized businesses, customer experience isn’t usually a priority anymore. And that’s precisely what still makes the small business owner a contender in the marketplace; the small business owner can give exactly what customers today expect – a positive personalized customer experience.

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Hal Licino

Boost Customer Experience By Restricting Their Choices

Aug 18 2014, 06:00 AM by

Customer Experience Required Ten years ago an American psychologist wrote a book which swiftly became seminal to an entirely new approach to providing a superlative customer experience in every regard and through every channel. While conventional marketing wisdom had long taught that the best way to truly engage your customer was to provide them with a vast variety of rich choices where they could find fulfillment in selecting exactly what they wanted, Barry Schwartz argued in his book The Paragon of Choice: Why More is Less that minimizing consumer choices can actually ameliorate the customer experience by reducing the shopper’s anxieties! This may seem as heresy to online marketers raised on tossing everything but the kitchen sink at consumers but Schwartz’s book poses some very powerful arguments which are difficult to dispute.

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Hal Licino

Learning To Live With Canada’s Draconian CASL Email Regulations

Aug 14 2014, 06:00 AM by

Learning To Live With Canada’s Draconian CASL Email Regulations The Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) went into effect on the first day of July of this year and ever since has been responsible for the development of considerable migraines among email marketers with Canadian clients… which is just about all of us! What CASL does even to a greater degree than the already extremely restrictive legislation in place in the European Union, is to effectively prohibit the contact of anyone for any reason without previously obtaining their implied or direct consent to receive a commercial electronic message. While the intent of this legislation is to provide the Canadian government with powerful legal tools to use against spammers, the new law has also caught an inordinate number of legitimate email marketers in a Great White Northern Trap.

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