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Andy Shore

Raising the Knowledge Roof with Sabina Hitchen of Tin Shingle

Sep 23 2014, 06:00 AM by

Heart of Business Tin Shingle is an online resource and community for small businesses building big buzz for their brands. We talked with their co-founder and Chief Excitement Officer, Sabina Hitchen. As many of you know, Benchmark prides itself in being a resource and wealth of information for our users, blog readers, social media followers, newsletter subscribers and anybody else who is paying attention to us. We want to educate everyone on best practices in business and marketing and give them as many tools as possible to do it. We know small businesses owners are required to wear a lot of hats out there and so does Sabina and Tin Shingle. That’s why this episode was such a treat for us.

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Hal Licino

Character Sets Are Your Friends … Really!

Sep 23 2014, 03:00 AM by

Character Sets Are Your Friends … Really! It is the scourge of just about anyone who places content on the internet and it confronts email marketers to an even greater degree as the text copy we create is often read by subscribers all over the world. It is the character set, and if you are like absolutely every single other person who has ever been online, you have noticed the weird characters which fall into some copy which make quotation marks, apostrophes, and other symbols display as the completely wrong thing and turn your well-designed and thought-out email look like a dog’s breakfast. You don’t have to surrender to the vagaries of the character set if you master the art of proper one for your email body copy.

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Shireen Qudosi

The 2 Things You Need to Know to Build a Perfect Marketing Team

Sep 22 2014, 06:00 AM by

The 2 Things You Need to Know to Build a Perfect Marketing Team Forming a team can be tough. Forming a marketing team can seem like an impossible task. Marketing managers face a daunting challenge here. First, marketing itself has become so diversified that you really need to understand what’s required to succeed. The second challenge comes in a messy little package called EQ (emotional intelligence). It’s an area that still relatively uncharted territory by managers who feel that a perfect team involves perfectly compliant drone-bots – rather than real people with real ideas. Should a marketing manager float through these two challenges, they still risk facing surmounting conflict – one that they have very little control over.

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Hal Licino

Going Native: The Best Way To Develop Your Ap

Sep 22 2014, 03:00 AM by

Going Native: The Best Way To Develop Your Ap Primary brand apps have long gone native so it is time for your app to go beyond hybridity and become a 100% native app as well? It may seem like an onerous and foreboding task to take the plunge into full native apps especially when so many online marketers are relying on HTML5 hybrids, headless browsers, and the whole range of “not quite native” apps. Let’s face it, it’s far better to have a hybrid than no app whatsoever but keep in mind that “there’s nothing like the real thing” and when you offer your customers the full range of benefits of the native app experiences, you too may become a fan of the advantages that only 100% native apps can offer.

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Hal Licino

Can Millennials Tolerate Very High Email Send Frequencies?

Sep 19 2014, 03:00 AM by

Young Money: Millenials In Business & Marketing It may surprise some online brand email marketers in sectors where sending a newsletter once a month is the standard, but many major international etailer brands focusing on Millennials fire off email missives three or more times per week! When applied in a manner which caters to the Millennials’ penchant for rapid fire information, this process results not only in bottom line sales, but in churn rates which are often far less than experienced by the companies which send out monthly newsletters to older generations. Are the extremely frequent sends the best approach for your brand, or would reaching these excessive send levels force most of your customers (Millennial and otherwise) to unsubscribe en masse?

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