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Dorothy Le

Using the Benchmark Email Shopify Integration

May 01 2015, 03:00 AM by

What to Look for in a Content Writer Almost everything can be done online these days, and shopping is no exception. Purchasing items with just a click of a button is fast becoming the primary way to shop, and that’s why e-Commerce websites should be a business owner’s way of expanding his business. Just because customers are taking their shopping online doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off and relax for the owner. Whatever it was about the store that drew customers in in the first place should also be found on the site. This should include design of the website, customer engagement, as well as incentives to return.

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Shireen Qudosi

This is How You’re Blowing Your Budget When Working with a Creative Agency

Apr 30 2015, 03:00 AM by

This is How You’re Blowing Your Budget When Working with a Creative Agency Signing up with a marketing, advertising, or public relations can be a pretty monumental step in your business growth. You’re going to be working with a bunch of creative cut-throat Mad Men types, and you’re their number one star – you’re their client!

Yet, here’s the thing...

They’re not working for you. They’re working with you.

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Shireen Qudosi

Confessions of an Email Marketing Hoarder

Apr 29 2015, 03:00 AM by

Confessions of an Email Marketing Hoarder At this precise moment, I have exactly 48,979 emails in my Gmail account. Most of these are email marketing campaigns. As a writer with an interest in multiple fields, I’ve long relied on emails to keep track of everything from internal communications, idea generation, and research files. I’ve been doing this before there was Pocket, Evernote, or any of the other amazing filing and bookmarking tools. In fact, email still is one of my key information archiving tools because I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of pieces of information that have been accruing since the start of my email addiction.

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Andy Shore

New Feature: Simple Layout

Apr 27 2015, 03:00 AM by

New Feature: Simple Layout Using an email service provider, you get several advantages. Reports are one of them. You can see who is opening your emails and if (and what) links are clicked. Sometimes, you don’t need as many of the other bells and whistles. That’s why we’ve introduced your Simple Layout. This is a new layout that helps you create simple and basic emails, while keeping all HTML formatting options such as text styles and the ability to add images.

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