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Hal Licino

Successfully Planning the Tangible Aspects of Your Event Presence

May 22 2013, 06:00 AM by


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The physical choices you make when conceptualizing your event booth can make the difference between a worthwhile event and a total waste of time and money. The battle for effective brand marketing can be won or lost before you even set out to go to the show, so take your time to plan your tangible event presence carefully.

Plan like a spider spinning a web
The success of many trade show exhibitors is set up at the time of the selection of booth space and this is where you should consider the spider’s secrets of building the ultimate web. Just like a spider you want to place your booth at strategic places on the show floor where the greatest number of visitors will funnel through. Study the exhibitor map carefully and take note of the highest traffic places, such as near concessions, washrooms, entries and exits, and extremely popular attractions or major booths. Like a spider’s web, the ultimate booth is large but not deep. You want to maximize the value of your square footage by obtaining the greatest possible length along the trade show aisle without wasting money on excessive depth. Don’t let those visitors sneak by your web, make sure they’re entangled in your sticky threads!
Create signage that rivets visitors
Signage is what is going to draw your customers to your booth so ensure that it’s large, colorful, well lit, and projects your brand identity in a proper manner while encouraging the treasured “double-take” effect. Come up with a content blurb, motto, slogan, graphic, or anything you can think of that will stop visitors in their tracks and have them blurt out “say whaaaaat?” There is no advantage to a great sign that set so low it can only be seen when the visitor is literally standing next to your booth. Break away from the standard eight foot booth height in order to make your presence stand out. Most convention centers have extremely high ceilings so there is usually no limit to how high you can go, therefore setting your booth wall and top display height at twelve feet or even taller will attract more attention from the visitors in the crowded aisles. Aim high with signage and place them around the twelve foot level as it will make it easier to locate your booth at a distance.
Strive to flood your booth with outdoors-type light
Most convention centers are lit by mercury vapor lamps which make everything and everyone look like a pale Smurf. You don’t want to only set up your own lighting to provide additional lumens, you want to adjust the color temperatures to portray a natural, warm image. The best way to achieve this lighting goal is to set up ample halogen lights and daylight lamps in strategic locations in your booth so that the attendees feel like they’re viewing the booth with natural sunlight. All the best lighting is still going to fall flat if your flooring is dark or heavily textured and doesn’t properly reflect that light right back up to give that sunny glow throughout your booth. There is no substitute for a white Masonite type of flooring that virtually acts as an additional light source. It also makes a great medium to embed your brand logo or suitable graphics.
Create a pleasant aural environment
You’re not going to attract customers by subjecting them to an audio barrage of 120 db Death Metal, only drive them away. Although even the best trade shows are extremely noisy places, you can create islands of relative silence by setting up discussion sub-booths or even try offering your visitors sound-canceling headphones which can also be worn by your staffers so everyone can chat in peace. Never resort to amplified voice as you will come off like a bunch of sideshow hucksters hawking snake oil through megaphones to the passing crowd. You’re far better off to fill your booth with pleasant, tranquil, middle-of-the-road instrumental music set at a volume level where it’s discernible but not intrusive.

Take the time to meticulously plan your booth’s tangibles in order to have a successful event!

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