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Richard Vohsing

Ding Dong, Net Neutrality is Dead

Jan 14 2014, 06:00 AM by

The Weekly EngagementIf you haven’t been keeping up with the times, a federal court just signed away net neutrality in favor of allowing broadband providers to segregate data types and provide preferential treatment as they see fit. Many experts, (myself included) are very concerned about the implications of this decision. Up until this point, the rules of the internet have basically stated that “all data is created equal” and that ISPs cannot legally give preference to one form of data over the other.

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Andy Shore

New: Thanksgiving & Black Friday Templates!

Nov 25 2013, 09:00 AM by

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Email TemplatesThanksgiving is almost here! I can already taste my grandmother’s stuffing. I can’t wait. I may fast until Thursday. More exciting than the food, for some, is the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that follow. The TV in my den and many of the random appliances in my kitchen are the result of post turkey splurges. It’s not too late to promote your Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals. Especially since we’ve put together some new templates for y’all. The work is already almost done. Just fill in some quick copy, images and hit send.

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Andy Shore

Benchmark 5: Favorite Halloween Costumes at Benchmark HQ

Oct 31 2013, 06:00 AM by

Happy Halloween everybody! Benchmark has grown in many, many ways since I started at the company more than four years ago. To think, we didn’t even celebrate Halloween in the office the first year! Now, it’s a costume parade. We even have a contest. There was a lot of laughs in the office today, and I figured I’d share some of my favorites with y’all. So, here’s the Benchmark 5: Favorite Halloween Costumes at Benchmark HQ (in no particular order).

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