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Andy Shore

Curt Keller Interview With Benchmark Email Japan

May 13 2015, 03:00 AM by

Benchmark Feature Spotlight One of the things we’re most proud of here at Benchmark is our international presence. It’s not rare to walk around the office and see a new friendly face visiting from the furthest reaches of the planet or to regularly have Skype calls at odd hours of the night. Email is global and so are we. Our CEO, Curt Keller, recently visited our offices in Japan. The team there sat down with Curt for an interview. It was a good time and interesting to hear and we thought we’d share it with all of you. It’s in English (in case you press play and are surprised that you can understand Japanese). Enjoy!

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Hal Licino

The Top 20 Most Amazing Email Marketing Statistics

Oct 01 2014, 03:00 AM by

The Top 20 Most Amazing Email Marketing Statistics Every email marketer knows that their preferred form of online promotional channel is extremely effective and provides a return on investment of well over $40 for each dollar spent, but there are plenty more jaw-dropping statistics which have surfaced in recent studies which eloquently prove the astounding power and reach of this greatest of all internet marketing strategies. Check these out and have them handy the next time someone challenges you to prove your assertion that email marketing rocks the planet.

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Hal Licino

Email Automation Is Preferred By Marketers & Customers

Sep 05 2014, 03:00 AM by

Email Automation Is Preferred By Marketers & Customers As an experienced email marketer you are well aware of the fact that “the power is in the list.” This internet marketing dictum effectively means that the primary power of an online business is contained in its list of subscribers with which your brand communicates through email marketing strategies which you concoct. The power of email continues to outperform even the most innovative online technologies, and as the mobile device adoption rate continues to flourish, email is blooming along with it. A recent eMarketer report entitled “B2B Email Marketing: Benchmarks and Best Practices for 2014” demonstrates that email is more valued by savvy online brand marketers than ever before and to an ever burgeoning level automation processes are taking email metrics to new heights.

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Hal Licino

Google’s Automatic Unsubscribe Link: Boon Or Bust?

Aug 28 2014, 03:00 AM by

Google’s Automatic Unsubscribe Link: Boon Or Bust? Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, befuddled, gobsmacked, and figure you’ll never be able to keep up with the rate of frantic change? In that case you might not be a citizen unable to cope with the pressures of living in a frenzied urban center but an online marketer having to deal with Gmail. The email service which originates from the bowels of the Grand Googleplex has certainly been trying the patience and even the sanity of online marketers with the constant developments in contextual advertisements, inbox tabs, and much more but it seems that it gets better (or worse according to your perspective) as now they have a fully automatic unsubscribe link. That had to be first in the list of email marketers wish list, right? Thanks, Google, we love you too!

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Hal Licino

Stats Prove Email Is An Unparalleled Marketing Force

Aug 27 2014, 03:00 AM by

Stats Prove Email Is An Unparalleled Marketing Force The recent McKinsey & Company report which demonstrated that email acquires new customers at nearly 40 times the rate of both Facebook and Twitter combined certainly made news, but within the study were other statistics which were just as remarkable to prove the persistent power of email marketing. Of all American consumers, 91 percent use email each and every day, seven days a week, which is close enough to universality to not argue with the details. When compared with the metrics provided by social media marketing, email sends are responsible for purchases at a rate which is more than three times higher and carry an average order value which is 17 percent above its social media counterpart. That report and similar ones from other organizations are filled with outstanding statistics attesting to email’s unique and unparalleled marketing force.

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