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Nolan Wilson

Why Storytelling Must Be Part of Your Content Strategy

Sep 24 2014, 09:00 AM by

Blogging About Writing It’s no secret that creating great content is a must. Content is the present and future of your marketing strategy. Whether you are developing a website, building your social media presence, optimizing your website or blog for SEO, creating a content marketing strategy, or refining your inbound marketing, there is one common denominator that MUST be the focal point – content!

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Andy Shore

Raising the Knowledge Roof with Sabina Hitchen of Tin Shingle

Sep 23 2014, 06:00 AM by

Heart of Business Tin Shingle is an online resource and community for small businesses building big buzz for their brands. We talked with their co-founder and Chief Excitement Officer, Sabina Hitchen. As many of you know, Benchmark prides itself in being a resource and wealth of information for our users, blog readers, social media followers, newsletter subscribers and anybody else who is paying attention to us. We want to educate everyone on best practices in business and marketing and give them as many tools as possible to do it. We know small businesses owners are required to wear a lot of hats out there and so does Sabina and Tin Shingle. That’s why this episode was such a treat for us.

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Hal Licino

Can Millennials Tolerate Very High Email Send Frequencies?

Sep 19 2014, 03:00 AM by

Young Money: Millenials In Business & Marketing It may surprise some online brand email marketers in sectors where sending a newsletter once a month is the standard, but many major international etailer brands focusing on Millennials fire off email missives three or more times per week! When applied in a manner which caters to the Millennials’ penchant for rapid fire information, this process results not only in bottom line sales, but in churn rates which are often far less than experienced by the companies which send out monthly newsletters to older generations. Are the extremely frequent sends the best approach for your brand, or would reaching these excessive send levels force most of your customers (Millennial and otherwise) to unsubscribe en masse?

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Shireen Qudosi

How to Craft the Perfect Millennial Marketing Campaign

Sep 18 2014, 06:00 AM by

Young Money: Millenials In Business & Marketing If you’re trying to figure out how to market to Millennials, then perhaps the best place to start is by seeing who’s already doing it with heralded success.

Let’s start with the hospitality industry, which is already seeing millennials opt-out from hotels in exchange for an Airbnb room. To compete, Marriott Hotels began offering their customers social perk points. According to a Mobile Commerce Daily article by Michelle Saettler, titled “Marriott rewards social connoisseurs in exchange for shares,” Marriott offers rewards members the ability to “instantly collect points through liking, tweeting, posting and checking-in on social media.” Called “PlusPoints”, the rewards program encourages (especially millennial) customers to engage in the way they’re accustomed too – through social networks. It’s a similar game plan to the one picked up by Victoria’s Secret and Sephora, both of whom are connecting customers socially and offering perk points.

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