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Dorothy Le

Marketing Mania: Lego Slippers

Nov 25 2015, 03:00 AM by

Marketing Mania: Lego Slippers There are many things in this world that can cause us much physical pain, and stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego is pretty up there on the pain assessment scale. Well parents can finally rejoice because the Lego Company has heard their cries of pain and they just created the first ever Lego slippers. Together with French PR firm, Brand Station, these slippers come equipped with extra heavy duty padding in the insoles to protect the bottom on your feet. It is the biggest relief in past 80 years of Lego history, right?

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Andy Shore

Big Target Partnership Fuels Pixi Beauty

Nov 17 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business Anita Jennison is the VP of Marketing & New Business Development of Pixi Beauty. We chatted with her about how the brand has taken on the personality of its founder, Petra Strand, the benefits of bringing a designer brand to a discount retail store like Target and so much more. It's an awesome listen for businesses considering going global, strategic partnerships and all sorts of fun stuff. Listen and enjoy!

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Andy Shore

Speed to Listen to This Episode with Steve Page, GM of Sonoma Raceway

Nov 10 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business This was a fun episode that lead to a few unexpected conversations for us. We talked about marketing a product with regional popularity, why racing is much more open to sponsorship opportunities than the big four sports and all the great things they do for the community at the Sonoma Raceway. Steve Page, GM of Sonoma Raceway, knows marketing, stays on top of the latest trends and had a whole lot of good advice to offer our listeners. Enjoy!

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Andy Shore

Mark Shapiro: Making His Mark Today As Our One & Only Guest on the Heart of Business

Nov 03 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business Mark Shapiro had what most would consider the Hollywood dream. An industry position many would covet. However, Mark left his six figure corporate job and is on a mission to inspire and empower 100,000 people to be true to themselves and “live an epic life they’re proud of.” He is the founder of Make Your Mark Today, Host of The One & Only Podcast on iTunes, a heralded transformational trainer/coach, passionate speaker and social activist.

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Andy Shore

Age No Factor for Aegis Acoustics Headphones 16-Year-Old Founder

Oct 27 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business Most 16 year olds would be rushing home from school to play the newest Halo. Kingsley comes home to run his successfully Kickstarter-funded business with his father and co-founder Rayman Cheng. These two are creating a product with safety and hearing protection as the focus, going up against the big boys in the marketplace. The Aegis Acoustics headphones look and sound great and you can't help but admire what their young creator has accomplished at such an early age.

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