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Hal Licino

Balancing Email Image Compression Vs. Quality

Jun 04 2014, 03:00 AM by

Every email marketer is well aware that the dimensions of an image on the screen are measured in pixels expressed by width and height. The quality of any image in your email content, however, is determined by factors that aren’t quite so cut and dried, such as style, content, mood, composition, and image quality. Ensuring that your email images load quickly has become of considerable importance in the mobile age when many of your customers are still reading your emails on less than optimal bandwidth networks. While the knee jerk reaction is just to place fewer images in your emails to ensure that your subscriber doesn’t get frustrated with slow load times and clicks away, there are other ways to squeeze every pixel for customer engagement value.

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Hal Licino

Avoiding Windows 8.1 Schizoidism In Your Email Design

May 28 2014, 03:00 AM by

Avoiding Windows 8.1 Schizoidism In Your Email DesignCan anyone at Microsoft (or anywhere else for that matter) please explain to me why when I happen to place my cursor on the right hand side of my 30” desktop monitor I have to be subjected to a swoopout with a few monochromatic and largely irrelevant Windows 8.1 icons, each the size of the lid of a Keurig coffee pod? Is this in case I’m actually across the room activating my desktop by waving my hands at a Kinect? Did I suddenly abandon my mouse and am working with a laser nose pointer? Am I just supposed to throw darts at it (and believe me I’ve been tempted)? Inconsistent and outright schizoid interfaces alienate customers, so don’t pull a Microsoft and do the same with your email, web, and app designs!

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Hal Licino

The Top 7 Techniques To Make Email RWD Rock!

May 27 2014, 03:00 AM by

The Top 7 Techniques To Make Email RWD Rock!From something that was just a glimmer on the horizon just a few years ago, mobile email design has become the de facto standard in the creation of any marketing email template. The entire paradigm of designing for your mobile customers has been effectively turned on its head as we all move towards a mobile ecosystem which is device agnostic and seamlessly fluid. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is at the heart of this revolution but when it comes to email design, the transition to this new standard has not been as smooth as for webpage design. Email designers are handcuffed by a combination of lack of standards and Jurassic email client technology, but there is still no excuse to keep from taking the RWD plunge. Apply these top seven techniques to make your RWD rock!

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Julie Van

Emails That Do Work: Spring Edition Part 2

Apr 30 2014, 09:00 AM by

Hello again, world! It’s time for another segment of Emails That Do Work. I’m your host/blogger, Julie. Every month, I dive into our Benchmark Community to find and review client email templates with strong elements that successfully engage their readers and promote their message. As thrilling as it sounds, I’m pretty much staring at an opened browser with too many tabs to count. But onto my favorite part - writing about it! Let’s get started.

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