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2012 River City Marathon and Half Marathon!


Thank you for registering for the 2012 River City Marathon and Half Marathon!  This email is chock-full of information, so please read it thoroughly.  Continue to watch your email through the weekend, as more information on sponsors, vendors, and services you will see at the Expo at Discovery Park is forthcoming.

We have been trying to get through all the emails the past few weeks, but may have missed some.  If you still have a question, please feel free to email us again or call us.

We are very excited for the race and look forward to seeing you there!!

Jimmy and Carmella
Elemental Running and Training

Packet Pickup
Saturday, March 24th, 2:00-6:00pm

Nike Factory Store
Folsom Premium Outlets

13000 Folsom Boulevard
Folsom, CA  95630

ERT is proud to have the Nike Factory Store at the Folsom Premium Outlets as a sponsor of the River City Marathon and Half Marathon.  Packet Pickup has therefore been changed to the Nike Factory Store, which is just a few miles from the host hotel and easily accessible via public transportation.  The Nike Factory Store has provided you with some awesome goodie bags, coupons, and custom bibs!  Their staff will be on-hand to help you in all your last-minute race preparation, as well as on race morning.  Please join us in extending many thanks to Nike Factory Store Folsom!

At Packet Pickup, you will receive your:

  • Bib with timing chip attached*
  • Pins for attaching your bib
  • Corral assignment* (if applicable)
  • Instruction sheet on how to wear your bib
  • Shirt
  • Goodie Bag with cool stuff
  • Shuttle Ticket* (if purchased)
  • Meal Ticket*
  • Additional Meal Tickets* (if purchased)

* Please be sure to hold onto these items and bring them with you Race Morning.  If you lose them, we will not be able to replace them.  We suggest pinning your meal ticket to your bib; however, if we see you sweaty at the Finish Area wearing a bib but without a meal ticket, we will probably let you eat anyway.  ;)

You can have someone else pick up your packet for you at Packet Pickup Saturday.

A limited number of additional meal tickets can be purchased at Packet Pickup for $10 each. 

Distance and corral changes will be allowed at Packet Pickup.  Please think carefully and decide on a distance and estimated finish time by Packet Pickup.  No corral changes will be allowed Race Morning.  Distance changes will be allowed; however, please try to limit this.  You will also need to ensure you arrive at the proper start area at the proper time for the distance you intend to run.

Race Morning Packet Pickup?

Packet Pickup will be available Race Morning, at the respective start areas, AS A LAST RESORT, ONLY!  Please help us out and limit your use of this unless no other options are available.  

Shuttle Bus

We have reached capacity on the shuttle bus; therefore, we will not be able to offer shuttle tickets at Packet Pickup or Race Morning.  While we tried to enable last-minute shuttle ticket availability, we were unable to do so. 


Shuttle departs Discovery Park promptly at 5:30am.  Please plan to arrive no later than 5:15am.  If you miss the bus, we will not be able to provide transportation for you.

Half Marathoners

Shuttle bus departs Discovery Park promptly at 7:00am.  Please plan to arrive no later than 6:45am.  If you miss the bus, we will not be able to provide transportation for you.

A volunteer will collect your shuttle ticket prior to boarding, so don't forget it!  We will not be able to admit anyone onto the shuttles without a ticket.

Please be courteous to the shuttle drivers--it is early for them, as well!
Race Morning

If you are not taking the shuttle bus, please plan to arrive early.

Marathoners: Please arrive no later than 0630 at Negro Bar State Park.

Half Marathoners:  Please arrive no later than 0800 at William B. Pond Park

Instructions will be given 15 minutes prior to race start.

The parks have plenty of parking if you are not being dropped off.  Parks charge a $5 vehicle entry fee, which is also applicable at the Finish Area at Discovery Park.

You may not change your corral Race Morning.  When in doubt, go conservative and give yourself a chance to wow!

There is no gear check for this event.  Please leave any items you do not wish to carry on your run in your car or with friends and family.

Please review the course map here.  There will be plenty of aid stations along the course, staffed with our awesome volunteers and providing you with cold water and various flavors of Heed electrolyte drink.  Heed is awesome, but trust us--do not take it if you have never trained with it.  This is true of all nutrition and hydration during exertion--don't try something for the first time during your race.  Stick with what you know you like and what works for you.

There will also be nurses and medical staff situated at various aid stations along the course.  Be smart, and if you're having an issue, please let one of them check you out. 

Please review the Course Map and Aid Station listing on the website to familiarize yourself with the location of the aid stations, restroom facilities, medical assistance, and those aid stations offering Hammer Gels. 

Please be courteous to our volunteers and thank them for coming out to assist us!

The weather looks promising, with the rains held at bay and temps in the high 50s...should be a perfect day for a great race!  In the event it does rain, the race will continue.

After the Race

Plan to hang out with friends and family at the Finish Area at Discovery Park following the race.  We will have food and lots of cool stuff to check out at the Expo, including free product samples, product demonstrations, and Raffle Prizes!

A limited number of additional food tickets will be available Race Morning.  Please bring cash.

Award Ceremony will begin at 11:00am.  All winners must be present to receive an award.

Our abfab photog Keith Facchino of Facchino Photography will be onsite capturing your epic race!  Photos will be available early next week, here.  However, we will also email you when they are posted, and the link will be accessible via the River City Marathon page on the ERT website.

Good Luck!

That's it for now.  Eat well and rest up!  Please enjoy yourselves and be good to one another out there.  Remember that we run for health and happiness.  Push yourselves always, but be smart, and remember the inherent arbitrary nature of a time: the thrill is in the pursuit itself!

Live Free; Run Elemental!

See you soon!

Jimmy Gabany, Race Director

Carmella House, Managing Director
Live Free; Run Elemental!