"Clean Air, No Excuses" Rally
January 25, 2014 12:00 Noon
Utah State Capitol

Dear UPHE Members and Supporters,

Please share widely, invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers and
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You're tired of it; we're all tired of it. You may be sick from it; many of us are sick from it. You're harmed by it; your kids are harmed by it. We're all harmed by it, whether we know it or not -- Dreadful Wasatch Front Air Pollution. We don't have to put up with this. We demand "CLEAN AIR, and NO EXCUSES."

The largest clean air rally in the state's history will take place:

Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 at NOON, at the Utah State Capitol

We'll send the Governor and the legislature this clear message: We demand action--on freeways, diesel fumes, wood burning, refineries, Kennecott, and dirty energy addiction.

Our Clean Air, Clean Energy, and Clean Future start NOW!

This will be the largest air quality rally that Utah has ever seen! Help us get as many people as possible to this rally. PLEASE invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to this Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428912344008930/ and share it via email and on your Facebook wall.

Speak up, Show up, Sign on, Reach out, and Give.

Our lawyers charge a fraction of the standard rates, but they can't do it all for free. We don't require "dues" or regular contributions. However, we ask you to step up and give what you can. Nothing in your life is worth more than the air you breathe.

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* If we're going to see our Kennecott and Refinery challenges all the way 
through the courts we need your help.

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The Board of UPHE
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Michael Mielke
Tim Wagner
Dr. Howie Garber
Dr. Gary Kunkel
Dr. Ellie Brownstein
Dr. Rich Kanner
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