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Email Marketing Plugins

Benchmark Email Plugins & Apps

Integrate your online marketing campaign with popular applications

As an Benchmark Email user, you have the ability to integrate your online marketing campaign with popular applications customized to take advantage of our email marketing software.


This template integration allows you to invite your subscribers and customers to your Eventbrite events with ease. Templates allow you to send invitations to one event or multiple events. Read More


Using SurveyMonkey to gain feedback? Send surveys to your customers and subscribers via the power of your Benchmark Email account with this template integration. Read More

Benchmark Email Zapier Integration

Integrate with 250+ other web services like Gmail, Evernote, Facebook and Google Docs with our Zapier integration. Read More

Signup Form App for Facebook

Benchmark Email's Signup Form Application allows visitors to your Fan Pages to add themselves to your contact lists instantly, without having to leave your Facebook page. Visitors, customers, fans and prospects can sign up directly, using only their email address. Using your Benchmark account info, the address is immediately added to the subscription list of your choosing. Read More

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Benchmark Email WordPress Plugin

The Benchmark Email WordPress Plugin includes a robust widget that lets you build an email list right from the pages of your WordPress site. Send formatted email versions of your blog posts, create custom signup forms and integrate your site with up to 5 separate Benchmark email accounts. Read More

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Benchmark Email Highrise Integration

Got a Highrise CRM account? Easily pull your Highrise contacts into a new or current Benchmark Email list with this simple integration. No setup in Highrise is required and no downloads are necessary. Read More

Benchmark Email Power Plugin

Add images to your Image Gallery with the Benchmark Browser Power Plugin. Read More

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Benchmark Email Magento Go Integration

Add a Benchmark Email signup form to your Magento Go pages. Read More

Benchmark Email Tumblr Integration

Add a Benchmark Email signup form to your Tumblr. Read More

Benchmark Email Unbounce Integration

Add customers to your mailing list that are collected from your customized landing pages. Read More

Benchmark Email FreshBooks Integration

Import your FreshBooks contacts to your Benchmark account. Read More

Benchmark Digioh Integration

Send attachments with your email campaigns with the new Digioh integration for Benchmark Email. Read More

Benchmark Easy List Desktop App

Download the Easy List App to your laptop to collect contacts' names and email addresses at checkout locations, trade shows, on the road, wherever! Once downloaded, the app requires no internet connection to function. Added contacts will instantly sync to your Benchmark account as soon as you reconnect to the internet. Read More

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Benchmark Easy List iPad & Android App

All the great features of Benchmark's Desktop App are now available on your iPad or Android tablet! Sign up email contacts wherever you and your tablet go: to conventions, checkout locations, on the road, in cafes, Apple expos - you get the idea. The App even sports new features, like backgrounds uploaded from your photo library and multiple collection fields. Read More

Download for iPad:

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Download for Android:

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Benchmark Email Zoho Integration

Send your Zoho contacts professional newsletters by integrating with your Benchmark Email account. It's fast, easy and secure. Read More

Benchmark Email Zendesk Integration

Our third-party integrations allow safe, secure delivery of your Zendesk contacts directly into your Benchmark Email account. Create a Zendesk list segment or add them to an existing list. Send your Zendesk contacts professional email campaigns with this integration. Read More

Benchmark Email Gmail Integration

Benchmark Email can connect with your Gmail account to pull your email contacts into a list of your choosing. Gmail groups are also maintained, with groups specified by fields for organized importation. Read More

Benchmark Email Google Docs Integration

Your Google Docs contacts can be added to a current list or used to create a whole new list with this fast, easy integration from Benchmark Email. Read More

Benchmark Email Flickr Integration

Flickr, one of the most popular image hosting sites, is a repository of billions of online photographs. You can now integrate your Benchmark Email and Flickr accounts at no extra cost and drop your photos directly into your email campaigns. Read More

Benchmark Email PayPal Integration

Add your PayPal customers to your existing Benchmark Email lists with this free integration. Read More

Benchmark Email Shopify Integration

Add customers to your mailing list when they buy products from you through Shopify. Read More

Benchmark Email Salesforce Integration

Now your Salesforce CRM contacts can receive the quality email communication they deserve. Benchmark's third-party integration system will import your Salesforce contacts into a list of your choosing. Read More

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