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How do I create a segment?

A segment is a subset of one of your existing subscriber lists. For example, instead of emailing everyone on your 'Recent customers' list, you might only want to send a special thank you offer to people who signed up before a certain date. That's a perfect job for a segment.

To create a segment:
  1. Click on the Lists tab, then click on the Segments option from the menu and finally click the Create a New Segment Button
  2. Enter a sensible segment name, description and select the list on which you want to create the segment. Create the segment, and you are now ready to add some rules/criteria. Click Save & Continue
  3. Add Rules / Criteria with segments
    Rules are the criteria you use to select the addresses you want. For every list, you can create rules that are based on Name, Email address and date subscribed or any of the other fields.

    In this case, we want to create a segment of subscribers who have subscribed before a certain date. So drop down the select box and choose Date Added, and click Create Criteria.
  4. Now we can create the Date Added rule. Select Subscribed Before and then the date that you want and click Save and refresh count.
You can combine any number of rules to split your segment as far as you like. Not all of them are available for every field or list. You can also add multiple rules for the same field. For example "Email contains yahoo" or Email contains hotmail"

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