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How do I create a signup form for my website?

Signup forms are the best way to build a list of responsive subscribers.

To create a signup form:
  1. Click on the Signup Forms link from the Contacts Menu.
  2. Click on "Create Signup Form "
  3. At Step 1, Enter the Signup Form Name and select the contact list you'll save your subscriber info to. Your contacts will not see your signup form's name.
  4. At Step 2, Select the fields to be displayed on the signup form.
    You can also enter the Title and Introduction step of your Signup Form at this step.
    If you want to change the default fonts and/or colors of your signup form to match your webpage, click on the "change color scheme" link.
  5. At Step 3, you can set the From Name/Address, Subject and Body of the Confirmation email message. You can also specify where the sign-up form should redirect after completion.
  6. At Step 4, Copy and paste the code from this page to your website
Once the form has been added, test it by filling it out yourself. The form is now ready to turn visitors into subscribers!

Some suggestions to help you begin collecting email addresses and growing your contact list quickly.

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