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How do I re-subscribe a contact who opted out or was accidentally removed?

If a contact has selected the "Do No Contact" option, you cannot add them to any of your lists. To re-subscribe, the contact must opt to subscribe again.

When a contact is removed from your list, they are placed on Benchmark's "Master Unsubscribe List." This list forbids the user from being contacted again. The user is welcome to re-subscribe to your list if they so choose, but they must follow one of the two instructions below to remove themselves from the "Master Unsubscribe List."
  • The contact should email with the email address you use to send your newsletters and campaigns (or your Benchmark Email login name) and request to be added back to your list.
  • If the user wishes to contact you instead, you must forward their email to Benchmark at
For a full explanation of the procedure, read the following: Support Update: Adding an Unsubscribed User Back to Your List.

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