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What formats of lists can I upload to Benchmark Email?

When uploading or sending your e-mail list to Benchmark E-mail, make sure your list is saved in any of the following types of files
  • Comma Separated Values (.CSV)
  • Text-only (.TXT)
  • MS Excel Workbook (.XLS, .XLSX, first worksheet only)*
These are the only formats supported by our system.

The first row of the file should have column names while the actual values start in the second row. For example, a two person contact list with three fields (first name, last name and e-mail address) in .CSV format will look like this:

FirstName,LastName,Email Peter,Pan,peterpan@neverneverland.com Lana,Lane,lanalane@smallsville.com

To create a .CSV file, open your contact list with Microsoft Excel and choose File -> Save As. In the Save As Type option, choose CSV (Comma Delimited). Choose OK in the next dialog box that is displayed regarding multiple workbooks not being supported. The next dialog box informs you that some features may not be compatible with CSV format. Choose YES and close the file. The system may again ask you about saving or overwriting. Choose YES.

Now you can import this file to your Benchmark Email account. Start by choosing to create a new list. Select "Import Contacts from a file" option to import contacts from your file. At Step 1, confirm your contact list. At Step 2, browse and upload the file from your computer. You have to confirm with the terms of usage to continue. At Step 3, The system will show your list in the Preview section. Match the Field Types for the columns/fields in your list. For instance, the First Name column in your list should be associated with 'First Name', Email with 'Contact Email' and phone number with 'Phone'.

Click on the ‘Save & Next’ button in step 3. At Step 4, provide the details about how you have acquired this list. This will help us determine whether the list is genuine and not harvested or purchased. Click on ‘Save & Next’ and you will get a message that your list will be uploaded in a short while. It takes approximately 15 minutes for your lists to be uploaded in the system.

The steps are the same in case you save your file as Text (Tab Delimited) or Excel.

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