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How do I insert a document into an Email?

Benchmark Email offers an alternative to attachments. We recommend using the Document feature in the Additional Elements panel to upload your attachments to our servers. Your can store your files (up to 10MB per file) on our servers.

To upload files in your Document Library and link to them in your Emails, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. In Step 4 of the Editor (in the Email Creation process) highlight the text that you want to link your file to.
  2. Click on the Document icon in the Insert Additional Elements menu 
  3. This will open the Document window. If you have already uploaded a document, it will display under Available files in my library. If you would like to upload a new file, click on the Upload File button at the top.
  4. Upload a new file or click on one of the existing files to link to.

You can now link each of these files in your email. This allows your email to be lightweight in size and gives the user the option of downloading the file, should they choose to.

These files are stored on our cloud network servers, which ensure availability and speed of download.

Need to send files larger than 10MB or want File Security? Benchmark has partnered with Digioh to help you send files in your newsletter. Our integration with Digioh allows you to easily send large trackable files up to 2GB in your email newsletter. Digioh will also track which one of your subscribers downloaded your file and will alert you if it gets forwarded.

Sign up for a Free Digioh account here!

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