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Click-Through Rates by Industry

Restaurant Email Marketing

Restaurant Subscriber Click-Through Rates
There are many straightforward and easy to implement methodologies that allow an email marketer to track the click-through rate (CTR) of any email that is not sent in plain text format. A basic aspect to calculate the formula for CTRs is the open rate, yet a total of 79% of all restaurant venue owners and managers do not have that metric for their campaigns. Fully 85% did not know their CTRs, therefore cannot make any realistic determination as to the performance level of their email marketing efforts. Only 15% of all restaurant venue owners or managers knew their CTRs, with 1% stating that they were getting more than 15%; 1% claiming 10-15%; another 3% receiving 5-10%; and 10% reporting that their CTR is less than 5%.
Versus Industry Click-Through Rates
Even though it is based on an extremely minute percentage, the CTR of restaurant venues at 3.4 seems to be well below average for the other industry sectors.