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Energize Your Campaign Strategy

Restaurant Email Marketing

Energize Your Email Campaign Strategy Rapidly & Easily
You can enjoy the advantages of your restaurant’s collaboration with the established email service provider professionals at Benchmark Email with comprehensive and affordable visibility from your future patrons. Benchmark Email is one of the most advanced providers of email marketing services: trusted by well over 73,000 repeat business and individual users. Based on many years of expert performance in the provision of services to suit the necessities of restaurant businesses in your sector, Benchmark Email has the capabilities to offer an exclusive and encompassing Restaurant Email Marketing Solution.

Return on investment is one of the primary metrics of any email and social media marketing campaign. With an intuitive interface you can easily access from any mobile device or PC browser, magnified by wide ranging email marketing and social networking features to increase your venue's traffic and ticket value, Benchmark can boost business at a surprisingly low cost. Re-energize your operations through Benchmark Email's carefully-engineered solution today!
Opt to Let Benchmark Email's Top Marketing Experts Do the Job for You
The best executive chefs are the ones with the best brigades on the line. In a similar manner, the savvy restaurant marketing manager has to know when to delegate tasks to skilled, capable, and professional people. When it comes to your online promotions you might prefer to consider adopting a fully delegated approach to your email marketing campaigns by passing off the project to the accomplished messaging concierges at Benchmark Email. You can implement the We Do It for You Full Service Email Marketing strategy and the highly-skilled professionals at Benchmark Email will act as your company's email communications personnel. In order to derive these benefits for your restaurant venue, just provide your subscription list along with a definition of the prime features you wish to propose in your campaign and the experienced Benchmark Email experts will get your campaign activated easily and swiftly.

The email and social media marketing facilitators at Benchmark Email will accomplish all of your goals. They will concoct personalized restaurant email templates with superlative graphic design and with the inherent qualities to be correctly displayed on screens ranging from the widest computer monitor to the tiniest cell phone screen. You will quickly absorb their Real Time Email Reports, which present a vivid, easy summary to obtain a broad perspective of all the salient performance metrics. With these statistics you can arrive at a fully effective determination of how your email marketing campaign is evolving at each step of the process. Your email concierges will make sure that your identity is clearly highlighted on the leading social networks by exercising a wide spectrum of placements and postings including publishing your recently released newsletter links on your restaurant's Twitter page.

Benchmark Email's professional marketing and outreach experts will manage every phase of up to two separate email marketing campaigns for your restaurant venue. If you select additional campaigns to launch at the same time, these can be offered at a very low surcharge. The range of their expertise includes reviewing and honing your subscription list to your specifications; implementing auto-respond sequences to give virtually immediate replies to your customers at any time of the day or night; and through the setup of prospect feedback channels, they can draft up an extensive subscriber survey or poll that will supply you with the patron insight you require to surgically focus your promotional efforts.