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Company History

Overview and History of Benchmark


Benchmark is the premier destination for online marketing. Combining email marketing with features for social media and more, Benchmark allows you to use all our products and features together to create one powerful tool for your business.

Benchmark is a permission-based email marketing company that puts user deliverability and reputation at the forefront. An email service provider committed to bringing users the most up-to-date marketing trends and methods, Benchmark provides award-winning software and cutting edge features to both small businesses and corporations alike. Benchmark has ambitiously set its sights on streamlining the email marketing process and engaging users with direct and desired interaction, branching out into all major social media channels.

How It Began

A lot of tech companies get their start in a garage. Benchmark Email began in a doctor's office with three people and one desk.

In 2004, the conference room was also the office, and the lunch room, and at the end of the day the brainstorming head quarters. Every night ideas were tossed back and forth between the general content writer, the SEO and support guy, and founder and CEO Curt Keller. The ideas were often beyond the scope of Benchmark's immediate resources, but as the nights drew on and the days advanced, the company (and its quantum of staff) built a platform of ambitious notions that, with time, would shape the identity of Benchmark Email.

The mission statement was clear from the beginning: simple email marketing. With an eye to creative design and giving users the ability to customize email templates, adaptable software was married to exceedingly prepared support lines. Benchmark was downright neighborly with its customers. It was a small business, a family business based in Long Beach, California, and it left the super tech and mineral monikered plans to competitors - they had found their niche. Benchmark was different. As each member of the team defined their role as part of Benchmark Email, the company grew with a singularly dedicated purpose: approachable software for the community made by the community.

At the start, a Christmas party was as simple an endeavor as heading to a restaurant without a reservation. The whole company fit in one booth. Years later, a holiday party requires extra chairs, appointments a week in advance, long tables and shouting across the room.

Benchmark Email is now a global leader in email marketing, and the company has done so by maintaining a dedication to the user experience. It isn't enough that we offer the software and the resources to enable email marketing; if the user isn't reaching their subscribers, Benchmark's job is only half done. At Benchmark, the motto is "not just delivered, received." In a fast-paced digital environment, oftentimes larger companies will leave the process of garnering opens and conversions to their users. At Benchmark, it's an interactive experience. We will make you better at email marketing, won't leave once you're in the system, and make the metrics comprehensible. Who clicked? If they didn't, why? Too many images in the email? Images too large? Do your subscribers' clients accept video email? The difference between a blacklist and a whitelist? Charm, mostly - but reputation helps.

Benchmark has set its sights on becoming the leading force for smaller and mid-range businesses. We promise email marketing for the average user, features that get the job done and let you customize every piece of HTML. For professionals, we've got the tools you need. For newbies, the interface is simple and convenient. There's no tech too tough for a Benchmark user. Our email software is used by PTA, community organizations, mom and pop stores and major businesses alike, automotive dealers, wineries large and small, and a bevy of digital services.

Benchmark’s suite of products is just the start. At Benchmark, we also seek to be the top resource for all your business and marketing education. It starts on the Benchmark Blog and social media channels and carries through to our Ask Andy web series and the Heart of Business podcast.

Benchmark. When you need us, we'll be there.