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The Benchmark Logo


The Benchmark logo can only appear in the three variations shown below. The logotype can never appear without the mark.

Dark horizontal logo

White horizontal logo

Dark vertical logo

White vertical logo

Dark logomark

White logomark


The Benchmark logo can appear in the light and dark swatches below. It will never appear in a color. If color is not available for technical reasons, you may use black.

Midnight gray


Benchmark blue




Minimum Space Clearance

Keep a minimum space between the logo and other elements. This zone is equal to half the height of the sized logomark, as indicated by the “x” below.

Horizontal logo space clearance

X= 50% of the logomark height

Final clereance space

Vertical logo space clearance

X= 50% of the logomark height

Final clereance space

Logomark space clearance

X= 50% of the logomark height

Final clereance space

What Not To Do



In writing, the “m” is never capitalized.

Don’t separate “Benchmark” from the mark.


Don’t use our logo in the middle of a sentence.

Don’t replace or attempt to recreate our company name with another font.


Don’t use any color other than white and the specified midnight gray.

Don’t use the old Benchmark logo.


Color the background behind the logo.

Use a background image that doesn’t impede logo recognition or have elements within the clearance zone.

Friendly reminder

These graphics are property of Benchmark and they are protected by intellectual property laws.

By using our logo, third parties agree that these resources will not be displayed in any way that may be confusing or suggest affiliation or endorsement by Benchmark.

All sponsorships and partnerships must be requested. Do not combine our logo with inappropriate content or use Benchmark in the name of your website or application. Example: [Your application’s name] for Benchmark. Please use the full logo when it is important for our company name to be recognized, such as on partnering sites. If Benchmark is mentioned in accompanying text, it is not necessary to use the full logo. In areas of limited space, the logomark is best to use.

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