Writing the best emails possible is vital to the success of your business.

Any error in communication and you can soon find customer, clients, colleagues, managers and partners will be right on your back, chasing up the mistakes you have caused.

To avoid these errors completely, here are ten of the worst mistakes you must avoid.

1. Not Formatting Fonts

If you’ve copy and pasted a bit of text into your email, always format it, so your email is consistent. This is as simple as highlighting the text and changing the font so just make sure that you do.

2. Misspelling Your Company Name

Another way to ensure your readers don’t take you seriously is by writing your company name wrong. It should be written everywhere you look in your office, so there’s no excuse.

3. Not Checking Your Grammar

Grammar is such an important part of writing an email, so it’s essential that you get it right. Using the right grammar will help to improve your email’s readability and structure.

To ensure your grammar skills are in line with the most up to date guidelines, check out websites such as Resumention or Easywordcount which host blogs and reference sheets with everything you need to know.

4. Not Editing Your Emails

As with any kind of written work, the chances are that you won’t get it right the first time. This is why it’s so important that you edit your emails before sending them. You may want to do this once, twice or even three times.

If you’re not sure on the best way to edit, online tools, such as Big Assignments, are home to expert writers who can teach you the best methods for fast editing.

5. Not Formatting Your Email Like an Email

If your emails are just big blocks of text and aren’t formatted for easy reading like an email should be, you’re only increasing the risk of miscommunication, and your readers will doubt you and your business’s credibility.

Instead, using tools like Email Excellence which teach you everything you need to know to create the perfect emails for your industry or job type.

6. Spacing Out Information

Imagine you’re asking your recipient when the best time to hold a meeting is. Instead of listing off your preferred times in a block of text, space your work out using bullets points or inline lists. This makes your emails so much easier to read, rather than your reader misreading what you’ve said.

7. Not Being Precise

It’s easy to get carried away with what you’re writing, and your emails can easily end up being hundreds of words long. Instead, use tools like Oxessays to ensure your emails are only a few hundred words, enabling you to stick to the point.

8. Avoiding Online Tools

Thanks to modern day technology, there are now thousands of tools that have been designed to make your life easier, fastest and more efficient. By avoiding these tools, you’re simply missing out.

Benchmark Email is ideal for creating perfectly formatting emails for your readers.

9. Proofreading Your Work

If your emails are full of mistakes, typos and errors, it’s going to make you seem incredibly unprofessional as well as increasing the risk of miscommunication.

To ensure your emails are always perfect before sending, use tools like Elite Assignment Help and Essayroo to upload your work to have it read over by a professional writer.

10. Risking Poor Quality

No matter who you’re sending your emails to, if you’re sending poor quality emails, it’s going to reflect badly on you. Instead, Use writing tools, such as Write my paper, to create and write your emails on your behalf, minimising the risk of any negative side effects or feedback.

Despite the modern-age of instant messaging that we live in, email communication has never been more important. By avoiding the mistakes listed above, you can maximise your opportunities while remaining professional and ahead of your competition.