Since high school, I have spent many a Christmas with my dad’s younger sister, her husband and his family in Colorado. The “Lonely Jew on Christmas” song from South Park never really applied to me. I have long enjoyed exchanging gifts with that side of the family on Christmas and partaking in their traditions. That being said, this year was the first time I have ever had my own stocking (thanks, Julie, for that and your master holiday decorating skills).

The holidays are a time for traditions new and old. I’ll be going back to Colorado again this year and already caved and ate the candy cane from my first ever Christmas stocking. It’s a special time for your subscribers and one that you can share in with them. Use your email campaigns to capture the holiday spirit.

This can even turn into a multichannel effort. Share your favorite holiday traditions with your subscribers. In it you can also ask them to tweet or post on your Facebook page about their own favorite holiday traditions. Maybe even make it a contest. Designate a prize, and everyone who shares their own holiday traditions is eligible to win.

If you are able to bring the warmth of the holiday spirit to your subscribers via email campaign, then you are doing your job. They will appreciate the sentiment and good feelings will be associated with your company or brand. The gift of holiday cheer can be one that will pay dividends for you year-round.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukkah or every holiday this season, Benchmark has dozens of customizable email templates for you. Check them out below: