Even the best marketing departments make these pitfall mistakes. Read below to see what your marketing team is doing wrong and how to fix it.

1. Paper Overload

Though we’re in a mostly digital area, smart companies haven’t neglected the importance of print marketing. This means they’ve got the right press kits, brochures, business cards, stationary, year-end reports, sales reports, catalogs, portfolios, sales presentations, marketing materials, flyers, club cards and more – not to mention the day to day stuff that gets printed. The question is, where is all this being stored?

You’ve got two options…get a bigger office or a storage space. Both will cost you a lot more money and the practice ensures that in due time, you’ll need an even bigger space.

The solution is NeatDesk – a $399 document scanning and retention software that’s been dubbed the new office manager. Benefits include increased storage space and time saved from no longer having to dig out important documents, since Neat Desk allows you to archive and easily search for documents by turning everything into a digital file. I personally really love that you can also scan in business cards to keep the digital files instead of bulky cards – and out of this you can create your own virtual rolodex. NeatDesk has been hailed by users for its ease of use and simple integrations.

Having a ton of paper also impedes any “green” marketing efforts your team might be trying to make. How reliable is it to cash in on the “going green” trend only to have your clients or candid Facebook pictures reveal the amount that’s wasted on printing?

2. Out-Dated Sales Reports

Arguably, any marketing department is married to a sales department; the two go hand in hand. When resourceful companies pair the two departments under one roof, the bulk of any documents will be the sales/marketing reports. These reports, stuffed to capacity with facts, figures and charts, are extremely expensive to prepare and publish and they become outdated quickly. The solution is Wolfram’s Computable Document Format, which allows documents to “come to life.” Document readers can compute data in real time since the information is subject to tweaks based on the reader’s preferences and needs.

The advantages of CDF are summed up in the ability to create a document that delivers like an app with the following pluses that will wow both clients and investors:

  • Computation – With built-in computation, readers can engage with the document in fresh, innovative ways.
  • Autonomy – Automated functions make it easy for anyone to interact with a CDF report. You don’t need to be a techie or an engineer.
  • Dynamic – CDF offers incredible flexibility by allowing documents to appear as slideshows, reports, books and apps.


3. Information Overload

With social media becoming about 70% of marketing, being on top of the conversation is critical to any marketing department. Tragically, most small business owners misjudge the importance of social media. Mid-sized businesses make a casual effort at it. But Fortune 500 companies take their social media VERY seriously. To compete at that level – and you can – your business must be engaged in new media.

However, the process is daunting. Between Facebook, Twitter, forums, LinkedIn, Tumbler, YouTube and the many budding new platforms, it can easily take a team of 10 to manage it all. This is the number one reason why most small businesses fail their social media campaign. Luckily, Radian6 solves that problem.

Radian6 monitors a company’s social media efforts by listening to conversations across the web and helping companies better engage in that dialogue. Sure a company has their own efforts, but to be at a killer competitive level, you have to see what’s beyond your own hub. Radian6 does just this by capturing key content across millions of daily posts, including Twitter, blogs, Facebook, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sources.

Using Radian6 helps a company reach out to pockets of people and dialogues that were inaccessible before simply because of the time and manpower it would take to be everywhere at all times, not to mention the grueling process of filtering junk data from relevant data. With Radian6 as your social eyes and ears, this problem is officially solved.