All marketing end goals aren’t the same, but here are four tools you need to consider…and each with their own unique benefit to the end user.

ConnectAndSell – ConnectAndSell targets several areas, beginning with marketing automation that offers clients nurtured leads that have been tested by a live agent. The company also uses “…targeting, data acquisition, and phone techniques” for successful outbound calling campaigns.

Going beyond re-vamping what it means to cold call, they can help a business drive up their event attendance, keep up with and utilize social media, run market tests and train teams in various areas.

Best for Lead Generation – There’s a lot you can do with SalesForce, like outfitting management and sales with everything they need to connect with customers. Rare to sales applications, they even offer a mobile app, an app builder, access to, accounts and contacts, an easy-to-use approval system and workflow, as well as a content library. And all this is just for the sales end of SalesForce.

I recommend checking out their 30 day trial to see if it’s a worthwhile investment for your company. Always judge free trials not just by how easy they are to use, but by how effective they are – in other words, did business get a boost from it and was it worth the price you’d normally have to pay? There’s so much to Salesforce that you’ll need 30 full days to really try it out to maximum capacity.

Best for Document Management

ShareMethods – Whether you’re working with remote teams, working away from the office or part of a bigger office/team, ShareMethods is something you should be considering. You can upload all your business, sales and marketing material; you can then shoot it over for approval, get feedback and tailor it as needed. ShareMethods also speeds up any process by including EchoSign, a digital signature solution that every company should be adopting.

Best for Webinar Management

Act-On – There are two great things about webinars. First, they can be a great income generating tool. Second, they’re a great marketing tool if you can’t yet generate income from them. Either way, webinars are a tricky business for anyone that hasn’t quite mastered them and you’ll need all the help you can get from a reliable source. That reliable source is Act-On. Act-On links webinar registration emails to webinar management/analytics so you can handle the business end of your webinar. Your webinar can also include surveys in the body of your email registration, which will help you tailor your services and presentation to the needs of attendees. Any webinar is as much about the back end data as it is about the presentation, and Act-On makes the process a lot easier.