Your PTA newsletter is the best way to get every member of your organization – parents, teachers and support staff – the information they need to contribute to every meeting, event and gathering; and at little or no cost to the PTA itself.

Now, a newsletter is only as successful as its content. That’s why I want to build on my previous article and bring you 4 more layout tips that every PTA newsletter should include.

A State of the Union

I know that sounds dramatic, but a summary of where the PTA is and what it is working to accomplish is the perfect way to open a weekly/monthly email newsletter. A state of the union style address lays everything out in the open and lets everyone know right off the bat where the PTA stands. It’s a proven way to get your subscribers attention.

Contact Information

Of course, every email should come with contact information, but when it comes to PTA newsletters I find that it’s best to go a little more in depth than normal. Apart from a normal “suggestions” email link, consider including links to the school administration office with separate numbers and email addresses for the principal and PTA officers (remember to ask before posting someone’s personal information). Also include the physical address of the school and the school/PTA district. The more information here, the better.

Events Calendar

This is what PTA newsletters are made for. When is the next meeting? Bake sale? Awards ceremony? There are countless events throughout the school year and it can be difficult to keep everything in order. Make sure your events calendar is updated every issue and has a short description of the event, a time, a place and a link for more information. The PTA is all about involvement. It’s important that everyone knows where to be.

A Student Section

Consider having a section of your newsletter written by students to parents. This section would give parents a unique perspective and maybe even help them understand school life a little better. Ask the top students to contribute best study practices and homework tips.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that your PTA newsletter doesn’t have to be all business. To keep things lively why not add some student artwork, poetry or short stories? Photographs of the students on campus can help make parents feel more involved, as will the addition of school team scores for everything from the baseball team to the debate team.