Businesses that think the mom market isn’t a viable source of revenue should think again. Mommy markets are a powerful source for sales and they’re often master marketers that work on your behalf. Read on to find out the top four reasons you shouldn’t ignore this already powerful and growing market.

1. Buyers

Sure you’re CEO of your company, but Moms are CEO and CFO of their homes. Stats show that 85% of all household spending is controlled by moms. Big businesses already know this. For example, those eye-catching toys that are advertised during peak cartoon hours always make sure they include keywords like “learning, growth and development” to lure in moms who are interested in optimizing a child’s development (especially in an attempt to offset the lack of time they may be able to spend with the child due to work and career).

It goes beyond just children. Start taking a closer look at car commercials and just for fun start running a tally of how many are aimed at women/mom consumers than at men (even though stereotypically and traditionally the reverse was true).

2. Well-Informed

Today’s mom has the internet at her fingers, and she uses it to stay informed. Sure she’ll Google what needs Googling, but most moms rely on their trusted network of other moms, blogs and social networks.

Mom consumers are a tight circle, and while they’re well informed they’re also incredibly socially connected. They’re in Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. They’re heavily active on forums and one of the most dedicated sources of blog readers. And their commitment to social networks is one of the reasons they’re so well informed; they’re being offered filtered information based on their network’s unique strengths. So while a mom may not know about the best eco products, you can be sure someone in her network will.

3. Simple Delivery

Whether you’re dealing with a working mom, a work-at-home mom or a home mom, moms across the board are a busy lot. There’s a lot of do and never enough time to do it all. Because of this, moms don’t have the time or patience for a lot of complicated jargon, glossy gimmicks. They want simple, clean information, which makes your job as a marketer a lot simpler. Just make sure you include great original images!

4. Master Ad Executives

You’ll get more bang for your buck if you advertise with a successful mommy blog than you will with a highly targeted and expensive Facebook campaign. Mom blogs are trusted sources, they’re frequented more (and ads are responded to more favorably), plus you can do a request for review and get the blog to directly feature your product (which ensures a lot more eyes than any standard ad would). Plenty of mommy blogs base their blog success on the premise of sharing what they love. Pair that with a chain of ads around the content and you’ve got yourself the reason why many of them are now able to quit their day jobs (and in some cases, their husbands have quit their jobs too).

On that note, more and more moms are able to utilize the net and all its glorious array of digital new media tools to craft out a lucrative business for themselves. Successful ad-based mom blogs are one example but so is Etsy, the online craft, handiwork and vintage item shop that has given thousands of mothers an opportunity to earn independently. All this success doesn’t come without an accompanying knowledge of new media marketing. And moms, being a resourceful group that will do what it takes to provide, master the learning curve very quickly.

What does this mean for businesses looking to market to mom consumers? It means that you’ve got a plethora of options available to market here. You can tap into any type of consumer on a host of different platforms and you can even offer creative options for marketing and cross promotion. It just takes a little bit of creativity.

If you do decide to pursue this route, make sure your campaign is spearheaded by a mom. No one will understand the consumer group better or be able to reach out more sincerely; moms can spot a slithering or robotic marketing outreach a mile away.