Now that Uncle Sam has made his rounds and emptied your pockets, it’s as important a time as any to get back in that marketing saddle. Yet, with a lighter wallet load, most of us don’t have the discretionary business income to spend on hit or miss marketing campaigns.

The solution: Don’t. You don’t have to spend more to make money. In fact, a smart marketing campaign starts by offering something of value. Then learn to give your elevator pitch even if you never are in a position to offer it. Forcing yourself to sum up what you do and why someone needs your services or products is a great way to hone your own message. Once you know what you’re offering and why it’s of value, you’re ready to get out there and start marketing.

Because you don’t want to spend all your money to make some money, try out some of these money-saving business marketing tips.

1. Get Noticed with “Free”

Start with your website and look to see where you can offer something for free. Even if it’s a free consultation, you’ll have appealed to basic human psychology and that’s that we cannot pass up something free. Place this call to action under or around your social media buttons on the right hand side of the page.

If you can manage it, offer something more for free. If you have something to sell, do a product giveaway. Make sure you market the image on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. If it’s a service, try creating a compelling microvideo or infograph relaying the importance of the information or service you have to share. Remember that you need to tell people why they should care – even when it’s free. Create a value.

2. Appeal to Vanity

Everyone loves attention and no one loves more attention than other small business owners. Feature your customers on your blog and email newsletter campaigns – maybe even in a video. This ensures that your customers are going to be your content promoters and share that link with everyone. You’ll also give vendors and other businesses a heads up letting them know you’re drawing positive attention to them, which will spike their interest in you.

3. Get People Where They Are

These days everyone seems to be on Pinterest. And why not? Pinterest is addicting and it’s so easy to use. Make sure each piece of content you’ve ever produced or will now produce has a gorgeous image associated with it. Use that image to market across Pinterest through relevant boards, keywords, hashtags and even backlinked URLs.

4. Invoke the Law of Attraction

People like winners. People want to do business with winners. So make sure you’re a winner by winning something – ideally in your industry. Scope out what awards are available in your industry. If you can’t win an award, then get involved in something feel good that shows people you don’t need a trinket to be a winner. You’re a winner just by being involved in something you care about. And if you don’t have the time for local or consistent charity work, then run a local marathon but use the opportunity to promote your business and brand. And finally, if you’re not the running type, offer to sponsor something there like the drinks, or some type of inexpensive freebie. You can even offer to support the printing needs for event itineraries, ensuring your name gets on there and is seen by everyone.

5. Offer a Seminar

There are always local groups that support small businesses. Offer to give a free course to this group, complete with a simple presentation and takeaway resource guides that remind them who you are and why you’re relevant. Make sure to take time to connect with everyone and follow up after the event to help foster business relationships.

As a mentor, you’ll become a trusted source and as a trusted source you’ll secure more clients.