Blogging has become one of the most important content marketing strategies for companies to rely on. Content marketing in general is a primary focus for most companies that are looking to expand their online marketing efforts. While content has been proven to be king over and over again, and with blogging being the main content development tactic, there is more to content marketing than blogging. If you are using blogging as your main content marketing tactic, you are only scratching the surface of the tactics that you could use to expand your reach and diversify your content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Tactics you can put on the Back Burner

While blogging is king, there are many other content marketing tactics that you should consider putting on hold, especially if you have limited resources and are working on a tight budget. To get the most out of your content marketing strategy, you need to cut ties with the tactics that are not delivering results and focus on the tactics that provide maximum results.

Here are some of the content marketing tactics, while they still could be effective in the right circumstance, are starting to fall out of favor with content marketers, and more importantly, with your customers and users. They include:

  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Printed books and magazines
  • Syndicate content

5 Effective Content Marketing Strategies that you shouldn’t ignore

In addition to blogging regularly, there are a number of additional content marketing tactics that you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Adding the following content marketing tactics will give your efforts a boost and diversify your content development efforts:

  1. Testimonials. Testimonials sell! This is why they are now considered by many to be the most effective content marketing tactic.
  2. Social media. The importance of social media continues to evolve as a more embedded part of your content marketing strategy.
  3. Case Studies. The numbers don’t lie. Internet users and prospective clients want to see what you have done in the past.
  4. Video. YouTube videos and webinars continue to become more popular with internet users.
  5. Newsletters. Utilize your email contacts and create a monthly or quarterly newsletter to update your followers, customers and contacts about what is happening with your organization.

These are only a few of the most effective content marketing tactics that you use. What is most important is finding out what tactic makes most sense for your company and yields the best results for your content marketing strategy.

What do you think?
What content marketing tactics is currently part of your strategy? Which ones are most effective? What tactics have been the least successful?