Email campaigns are the lifeblood of online marketing, but the adoption of video email in this sector seems to be lagging behind other industries. It’s not too late to benefit from the significant advantages that videos can provide to your overall email marketing strategy. Following these five tips will ensure that your foray into video email campaigns will be a success.

1. Make the Video the Centerpiece of Your Template

Picking a video email template that makes your video the centerpiece is the best policy. Far too many videos seem as if they are shoehorned into a template that was really only intended for text content. There are an ample number of powerful and attractive email templates available that are specifically designed to incorporate your video while highlighting it. Selecting the appropriate template will ensure that the time and effort you have placed into producing a professional video is not squandered.

2. Link the Video to an Effective Sales Page

It is imperative that the video be linked to an effective landing page where your subscribers can fulfill the call to action. Your own business strategy determines whether the click-through takes the customer to a page on the product site or onto your website, but either way the onus is on ensuring that the decision to buy is facilitated in every possible way. You must consider every aspect of the customer experience to reach your email marketing goals, therefore your landing page(s) must be optimized and extensively tested to provide the highest possible benefit… to both you and to your customer.

3. Exceed 60 Seconds at Your Own Peril

Falling into the trap that a video needs to meticulously examine every imaginable component and facet of your product or service in abstruse detail is a sure way to cure insomnia in your prospects. Your customers want to get to the point quickly and efficiently, so you should really consider the one minute mark as the feasible maximum length of your video. Get into the mindset that the video is more of a television commercial than an infomercial or documentary and you’ll produce the right video for your audience.

4. Clearly State the Running Time

The most condensed and “tight” video can be sabotaged by failing to include a clear determination of the running time so that your customer knows exactly how much time the presentation will take before they commit to it. Subscribers want to know that you are going to get to the point in short order. Informing them in your text content or even in your subject line precisely how long the video is will assist the viewer in choosing to click Play.

5. Throw Away the AutoPlay

Every aspect of your video email campaign should act to both empower your customer and to display profound consideration for their time and participation. AutoPlay violates both of these tenets, as removing the subscriber’s choice to play the video at a time of their choosing represents a marketing error of the highest degree. Consider that your prospect might be opening your email while at work or in some other situation where it is inappropriate to have your video auto-blasting your pitch, and you’ll see why AutoPlay belongs on the scrap heap of affiliate video email marketing.

In the crowded marketing sphere you need every possible advantage in order to succeed, and video email marketing is definitely one promotional avenue that bears profound exploration. You may find that showing, not telling, is the keystone to online marketing achievement.