Infographics are starting to pop up in a lot of places online. If you’re new to the term, infographics are powerful tools that marry sweet design with compelling data and can be a way to increase traffic to your website and bring more customers to your business. In short, infographics tell a story with visuals.

You can use an infographic as part of your marketing strategy as a visual press release, as an annual report for your company, as a way to help people understand what you do, etc. The possibilities are endless as long as you have a compelling story with a strong narrative or data points to visualize.

Take a look at why infographics can work for your business.

1. Visuals catch the eye

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. As the web and design technologies have advanced, people are no longer attracted to text-rich websites. They are more attracted to eye-catching animations, photos and other design elements that make a website stand out from the millions of other sites on the web. The visual appeal of an infographic captures the attention of web surfers and makes them stop on your site.

2. Visuals help retain information
People process and retain information more easily when it is presented visually instead of as text or a table of data. As your visitors study and review your infographic, they learn more about the value of your business versus your competitors. They also remain on your site longer as they learn about the products and services offered by your business. This means that your site has fewer bounces and search engines will potentially rank you higher in the results.
3. Infographics make information easy to understand
Infographics work because when done right, they simplify a set of information to make it easier to understand. People who frequently use the internet suffer from information overload, but when a set of data is presented in a visual manner it becomes easier to understand. Infographic designers work closely with clients to define a focused message for your infographic. Well-designed infographics present only the most important information to your viewers and in a clean and simple way. This helps your viewer understand your message quickly and retain the information.
4. Infographics are more likely to be shared

Visual posts are twice as likely to be shared on social media as text posts. An infographic presents complex information in a way that not only engages your visitors, but also informs, educates and excites them about your business. When people are excited by something, they are more likely to share through social media sites. Shares become clicks, clicks become more shares, and soon your infographic is shared with a larger audience at no cost to you. Be mindful when sharing your infographic online though. There are a few best practices to sharing infographics for different social media sites.

5. Infographics get your brand recognized visually

Infographics work by helping you manage your brand. Word-of-mouth can either bring in new customers or put you out of business. In order to succeed in today’s market, you need tools that communicate a consistent and positive message about your business. Because an infographic is a graphic file that cannot be easily altered, people learn about your business through the message that you created with your infographic designers, and not through someone else’s interpretation.

There are many serval online Infographic maker tools available, where you don’t need any special design skills to make attractive infographics, you have to just customize words and images as your requirement and they are ready in minutes.

The power of visuals and infographics should not be ignored. No matter what business you’re in, there is definitely a use for some data visualization or an infographic or two.