One of the smartest things I’m seeing more and more companies do is to outsource their content. They may have a great in-house writer, but there’s a realization of and appreciation for the time it takes to craft a really great piece of content. When evaluating whether you should shift content out, consider the following compelling value-driven reasons.

Getting a New Set of Eyes

When you’re outsourcing your content, you’re relying on an outside agent being able to understand, interpret and convey your product to the public. This means a few things, but first and foremost it means getting a new set of eyes on what you’re trying to sell. If a writer, for example, can’t make heads or tails of what you’re doing or has difficulty conveying value, then that should be a red flag that you’ve got a hole in your ship that needs plugging. Clear communication is key to effective sales and if the professional you’ve hired to sort this out for you fails to understand what you’re selling, then you need to step back and re-evaluate your product.

Speaking Like the Commoners

This one is especially true if you’re in an industry that’s highly technical or academic, but in which you need to appeal to a general public. Here, the problem with keep the needs in-house means that you’re likely to slip into language that’s not comprehensible to your audience. That language is likely either too technical, filled with jargon that only you would understand – or it’s too high-brow. However, this rule also holds true if you target demographic are millennials, which means you should outsource content so someone who can speak like them, with their slang, and who is up to date with trends.

Create Your Voice

This great tip comes from Deborah Sweeney, CEO of In a Salesforce blog titled “When Should Your Small Business Outsource Content?” Deborah writes, “You can make a point to seek out one writer or one outside team to work with that will take the time to find and create your company’s voice.” She recognizes that outsourcing might be pricier in some cases depending on what you’re looking for, but these are professionals that can do what an in-house person might not be able to do for you. I would also add that the job of a great writer is being able to find that voice and develop it, and that these great writers will often prefer to work on a contract basis than coming in-house.

Bottom Line Dollar Value

If your talented in-house writer is doing all the writing, then when are they able to strategize for big picture goals? Further, your brilliant in-house writer is only one person, which means they can only produce a limited amount of in-house copy for their 8 hours on the clock. The rule holds true for both small companies and larger ones. However, if you take a great writer and task them with the job of being a content ring leader, then you’ve got a powerful asset working to get you other assets. So, the role of your in-house mastermind writer should be to recruit and manage a team of writers, strategize content, and make sure every piece of content that comes in or goes out is up to par with their standards. And since they’re a great writer, you know they’ve got this covered. Now, rather than one great writer producing a limited amount of content, you’ve got a team of writers contributing toward increased productivity and efficiency.