Many automotive dealerships’ email marketing strategies could use a tune-up, so here are five ways that you can easily and quickly boost your campaign’s results on your bottom line.

Don’t Ignore Your Profit-Generating Service Department

Automotive dealers are well aware that the service department generates 80% of the total profits for the business, so why is it that 80% of dealerships’ email marketing content deals with the vehicle sales department? Your service department is better equipped than most of the light repair outfits in your community, so it’s time to shout that advantage from the rooftops… as well as from your email copy.

Have Accurate Email Addresses for Your Customer Base

Most automotive dealers have accurate email addresses for less than 10% of their total customer base. Add to this fact the infinite roiling of email addresses where up to 5% of your total list may become inactive or change addresses every month, and you’re looking at a situation where many dealers may have accurate email addresses on only a tiny fraction of their prospects. Making a concerted effort to collect email addresses and keep the ones on your list current will pay off in increased sales from all departments.

Include Customer’s Name and Specific Vehicle in the Subject Line

Seven out of ten automotive dealership customers base their decision to open or delete your emails on the subject line alone. If you feature your customer’s name and particular vehicle, you are communicating to the motorist that this email deals specifically with them. Try to keep the subject line as short as possible as click-through rates are almost twice as high for emails with subject lines under 50 characters. Therefore you don’t have to specify the car as a “2011 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Black Diamond Edition”; just the year and model will suffice.

Testimonials = Sales

Including reviews and testimonials is a great way to build rapport and credibility with your email newsletter subscriber. Make sure that the testimonials are completely real and that they are attributed to a real person, not just “Roger P. in Houston.” Soliciting comments from both your auto sales and service department customers can provide a flow of valuable testimonial content.

Video Moves Cars Off the Lot

With the nearly universal adoption of high speed broadband, your internet customer is now firmly accustomed to viewing smoothly streaming online video in emails. A recent survey by Kelton Research shows that 87% of car shoppers state that video helps make their purchasing decision, and online dealership content that includes video has a 20% higher conversion rate. Fully 59% preferred a video describing a vehicle over only photos and text. Incorporating video into your emails is a fairly straightforward process, especially if you ensure that your email template is set up to properly display the video.

Applying these five methods will ensure that your email campaign will perform as well as the shiny new cars in your showroom!