If you are a company or an individual that has spent quite a bit of time and energy in the search engine optimization sector, you will agree that things really do take time to get rolling when it comes to website promotion. SEO return on investment involves tactical procedures and laser targeted implementation that not only will result in higher search engine rankings but increased overall branding and awareness in front of your target audience.

Part of the problem often stems from bogus search marketing companies filled with incompetent sales people. These “sales people” often promise instant overnight success but eventually result in a jaded client (you) with a sour taste in their mouth for the SEO industry overall. There are a variety of reasons why instant success is not attainable immediately…

Fierce Online Search Rivalry

You have to comprehend that if your business or website is positioned in an industry that feels a lot like jumping into a pool of sharks, things are going to take a LOT longer to move in the right direction than you might think. Search engine rankings and overall website visibility is going to take longer if you are in a congested business industry. Remember: You are not the only website in the search space trying to get their name out there. Your competition could be simultaneously performing some of the same marketing activities you are every single day!

No Onsite Optimization of Web Pages

How do you know for sure if your website is completely optimized for search? If you hired a company or a professional and don’t know what to look for yourself, there could be a chance that your site is optimized incorrectly. If you really want to know if your site is completely optimized, examine its every single aspect. Make sure that your meta info for each page is unique to the content that exists on that specific page. Take a look at the content and analyze the text to see if keywords are being utilized and hyperlinked properly. Efforts like image tag optimization and URL structures are also an important part of having a properly optimized website.

Zero Social Media Interaction Capabilities

There are many critics out there that think social media is completely separate from search engine optimization, but I tend to think differently. There is a tremendous amount of overlap between social media and search engine optimization. Oftentimes updates that occur on popular social media related websites appear directly in the search results. The search engines can see what you do, where you do it and when you use the social media tools. The search engines assume you are really focusing on branding and communication with your online audience.

No Search Engine Marketing Diversity

Marketing a business online requires a certain amount of diversity. The search engines don’t want to see you pouncing on one specific SEO effort but rather creating a multi-pronged approach that allows you to be visible in multiple corners of the search engine space. Online success requires a certain amount of diversity, whether a company likes it or not. It doesn’t matter what you do or sell – you will never find your entire online audience huddling in one corner.

Being Impatient

Everything online involves time and perseverance and if you rush the search engine marketing process you might just find yourself doing more harm to your brand than good. The search engines observe all incidences of online efforts being dispersed and they like to see a slower balanced evolution spread out over time to give things a more natural feel. By taking this approach, your marketing seems more organic than forced. Business owners oftentimes want to really push hard when it comes to online marketing and sometimes the search engines don’t like that. Take the time to make it look natural and then simply wait and be patient.

Too Much SEO. Not Enough Quality.

There is such a thing as completing too much SEO on a website. Too much SEO is when business owners try to distribute 1,000 articles a week or drop 500 blog comments on one day. It’s also visiting a website and seeing more hyperlinked keywords than actual readable text. Years ago, before the search engines evolved, distributing high amounts of online material was normal, but that is simply no longer the case. Online marketing is not a numbers game anymore and everything revolves around quality business marketing and branding. It’s not about quantity (too much of anything could lead to a disaster). So be patient, be diverse, know your competition and always take pride in your business.