Integrating both social media and email marketing creates an opportunity to reach prospects and recruit new fans outside your community while retaining existing customers.

Here are 6 of the best ways for your business to integrate social media and email marketing.

1. Build a Community

Enhance the social media community of your business by utilizing email marketing strategies. Start by keeping track of online conversations and wish-list features and study content to find out what topics your market is engaging in.

Follow your audience and create your own hype. Launch an email marketing campaign dedicated to encouraging current subscribers of your newsletter to join your Facebook network or Twitter feed.

2. Provide incentives

Provide incentives and clarify exactly what benefits are available to fans of your social media pages. Fans who see value in engaging with your brand should increase and in turn make your brand more appealing to other people in various communities. As a bonus, the information you gather from studying the activity on their pages can help to build social profiles of your customers. But take caution to ensure that your campaign attracts quality followers rather than simply drawing a large volume of those only interested in the temporary benefits.

3. Develop Content

There are a number of ways to develop content with social media but polls and surveys can create a buzz effortlessly in the online community because they are user friendly and easy to share.

With a more dedicated community, an online event hosted for people with similar interests can draw a crowd. But do not base the event solely on the benefits of your products or services; provide conversational material from which interested parties can engage in dialogue.

4. Measure Impact

It is difficult to conduct an accurate self-analysis, but measuring the impact of your marketing campaigns will help you better craft the content of your social media pages. Actively collect customer feedback and measure the responses of your multi-faceted campaign to gauge the impact of your social media endeavors.

5. Share

Make every message shareable by adding a Like button for Facebook or providing the option to tweet your email newsletters on Twitter. The subscriber that shares something on Facebook also creates the possibility for an unknown audience to continue to spread information to more prospective customers.

Afterwards, invite subscribers of your email newsletters to connect with your social media pages and make your relationship known in the network.

6. Customer feedback

Give your audience a reason to contribute by providing them with the opportunity to give feedback directly. Use the same channels your customers most frequently visit and encourage them to share their own stories, photos or videos.

By posing questions and asking for comments on specific topics, followers of your newsletter are given the chance to engage with furthering the success of your brand. Social media is a more direct marketing channel which creates revenue opportunities outside of those available with just email marketing. Use this vehicle to reengage your audience and revolutionize the relationship they have with your brand.