The holidays are a particularly trying period for business owners who already have ten other roles to fill. It’s a time where our role as exquisite master-mind strategists is no less demanding or daunting than any other time during the year. It’s no wonder the holiday season tends to bring on additional stress for business owners – a group of people who don’t really get “time off,” regardless of whether they’re budding entrepreneurs or spearheading a Fortune500. For those weary many, I have a pivotal list that can make or break you this season. Whether you walk away with one key point or discover a whole new way of doing business – this list is for you.

  1. Since you can’t always read every single interesting social media article, you can rely on Pocket to save the article so you can read it later. Pocket hosts the ability to keyword tag, filter, and access archived articles anytime, anywhere.
  2. Though Hootsuite is hands-down the best all-in-one social media platform for sharing and posting, its only drawback is that it doesn’t let you track post views. Buffer changes that by sharing your posts at optimal times and includes an analytics feature tracking the success of each post.
  3. Flipboard offers new sleek streamlined way to browse through your top social media accounts and curated social news feeds in one clean app. It’s by far the best and more far-reaching social news magazine available.
  4. Of necessity, business owners are jacks of all trades. A resourceful site like, with the right eBook library and resource center, can make all the difference when it comes to decision-making in the lesser-charted territory. The site offers tech news, trends, new product reviews, small business tips and how-to guides
  5. In the quest to work remotely this holiday season, turn to Google Drive. The Google feature allows you to store and access your files from any computer. It has the familiar look of MS Word, and allows users to collaborate on a document in real time.
  6. Managing your social media presence extends far beyond posting on your social accounts. It’s about more than just being present; it’s about listening and engaging. The key is to source the right type of tool to help you succeed at this task. There are generally three different types of social media tools, one that cater to CRM needs, one that’s for social media intelligence gathering, and the third for straight social media management. An enterprise solution that targets all three needs can be found in BreezeSocial. The platform allows for targeting interaction, measurement and engagement.
  7. What every business really needs is a smart way to manage their social media. The holiday season is really a time to get a game plan going for posting regularly across all your social accounts. Hootsuite offers one all-access web app that tracks activity across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and post to multiple accounts on these platforms. Posts can also be scheduled so that there’s a sort of editorial calendar for your social media activity. It’s hands-down the best starting point for any business interested in recharging their social media campaign.
  8. The holidays are also a prime time to catch the consumer conversation and gauge how they feel about your brand or service. This is where social intelligence gathering comes in. A giant digital net to filter the conversation, this is the perfect time to give a trial run to some of the top options out there – like Converseon, Collective Intellect, and Attentio. If you have the opportunity to directly engage your clients or consumer group, then you might want to take a look at Beyond Verbal. Featured in a New York Time article by Natasha Singer as a new emerging technology, Beyond Verbal allows companies to infer up to 400 variations of different mood and emotions based on the tone of voice alone. For example, the software company recently offered a dissection of a famous speech given by Steve Jobs. A ceremonious speech recanting the process that gave birth to the iPad, now (with the aide of Beyond Verbal) underscores feelings of internal conflict, loneliness, fatigue and frustration. For big business, it’s a tool to help them learn about how consumers make decisions – especially during this busy holiday season.