Another week of our new podcast in the books!

We continued our conversation focusing on growing your email list.

This week, we took the focus from online to offline strategies.

Sure, email marketing is in the digital realm, but your business doesn’t exist there solely.

Without further adieu, here are our next five episodes that discuss offline opportunities for growing your email list:

Growing a List: Phone

As we continue our conversation around growing a list, we take it offline for this episode and discuss using the phone to add subscribers. You’ve already got potential subscribers on the phone, why not take a moment and ask them to join your list?

Growing a List: In-Store

We’re still focusing on the various touch points for growing your list. We continue looking at off-line options by discussing opportunities to grow your list in-store.

Growing a List: Events

This episode continues our conversation on the off-line options for growing your email list with a look at events. Business events and expos give us an opportunity to interact with all sorts of current and potential customers. Use that to build your list.

Growing a List: Print Ads

t’s important to remember every possible touch point when looking to grow your email list. You might not think of print ads as an opportunity to do that, but you’d be incorrect. With QR codes, SMS or simply putting a URL, you can grow your list with this offline opportunity.

Interns Ask Us Questions About Growing a List

We made our interns listen to the first nine episodes on growing a list and then told them to ask us any questions that came up. After all, they’re the resident Clueless Email Marketers in our office.