The relationship between branding and social media is not a new idea; most businesses today have the obligatory Facebook page and Twitter account. While Google+ is a relatively new social platform, businesses are advised to add it into their social media branding efforts. With more than 40 million users, Google+ is becoming one of the most powerful social networks online.

Why Use Google+ Brand Pages?

One of the main benefits of branding on Google+ is the ability to form and nurture relationships with customers. As a channel between businesses and customers, Google+ brand pages allow the two to share and engage in dialogue. There are a number of features that allow for this exchange, such as the ability to publish and share posts with followers. Another useful tool of Google+ is the Hangouts feature; a video chatting system that can be held between multiple users. With various sharing options, it becomes incredibly easy to keep customers in the loop.

A key characteristic of Google+ is the iconic +1 button, which allows users to recommend and promote pages. By using the Google+ button, business owners are able to promote themselves and their own pages, spreading their brand throughout the Internet. In addition, customers are also able to promote a brand page and publicly display their recommendations.

Tips to Get the Most out of Google+ Brand Pages

Setting up the page is relatively easy, but the challenge comes from making the most out of the Google+ brand page. In order to fully utilize the power of branding on Google+, consider the following tips:

Engage Customers:
With the ability to segment users into Circles, Google+ allows for greater customization in engagement. By placing different types of customers into their own Circle, businesses are able to tailor the content that flows to them. For example, new customers can receive coupons or updates, while frequent customers are provided with exclusive promotions and offers. By engaging customers, businesses can form and nurture meaningful relationships.

Visual Appeal:
Images and videos play a major role on Google+, allowing for greater visual display. The header and profile pictures are a great opportunity to display your brand in a creative way. In addition, businesses can also use posts to fill the customer’s Stream with high quality pictures and content.

Consistent Content:
One of the most important tips for any blog, social media campaign or marketing effort is to provide consistent content. Inactivity is a strong indicator that the business is unwilling to spend the time to engage with their customers. By filling the Google+ brand page with regular posts, businesses are able to provide customers with valuable information. Another important tip is to make sure that the content lacks self-promotion and shameless plugging. Google+ allows businesses to achieve this in creative ways, whether through Hangouts, posts or photos.

For new users, it may be overwhelming to fully utilize Google+ brand pages. The challenge lies not in setting up the page, but taking advantage of the branding potential. Google+ offers endless outlets for branding and marketing, and is constantly growing, so stay abreast of the competition by using this opportunity.

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