You can now add four new social sharing buttons to your email marketing campaigns: Google+, Flickr, Yelp and YouTube.

These clickable buttons can be added to any section of your email newsletter. A simple click from your subscribers will bring them right to your Google profile, Flickr, Yelp or YouTube page, increase your views and extend the life of your online marketing campaign.

Google+ Button

Google+ is rapidly growing in popularity, and if your business doesn’t have a Google profile yet, now is a great time to get one. A Google+ button is now available for users to add you to their circles and give you a +1! Learn more

Flickr Button

You can store your Flickr images in your Benchmark Email account already, but this button allows you to send users directly to your Flickr Photo Album. Learn more

Yelp Button

A listing on Yelp is a tremendous help to your online presence. It supplies word of mouth and allows users to get more information about where you are and what people are saying about you. Directing your email users there can have a great effect on your branding, so you can now add a Yelp button to your emails that takes users straight to your Yelp page. Learn more

YouTube button

Got a YouTube page? This button can be inserted anywhere in your email to take your contacts straight to your videos. Learn more

Benchmark Email offers multiple social media integration opportunities. Check them out on our features page and also take a look at our social media templates.