The recent release of our Restaurant Email Marketing Guide has prompted us to recount our current selection of email marketing manuals for the new customers or visitors who aren’t as familiar with our services or who haven’t happened to notice the rapid growth of our marketing library.

In late 2010, we began to bolster our Email Marketing Resources section with manuals that take a more in depth approach to email marketing. Committed to being a valuable resource to our audience, we have continued to add onto this section over the course of 2011. Here is a brief overview of what you’ll find so far:

Email Marketing Resolutions for 2011
As you have probably guessed, this manual focuses on resolutions businesses can adopt to improve their email marketing efforts in the New Year. It goes over list building, the importance of understanding the performance data in your reports and seizing holiday marketing opportunities. With the spring season upon us, this manual has newfound relevance for the email marketer looking to refresh their strategy.

The Complete Guide to Email Marketing
Here you have what is easily the most extensive piece of documentation written about today’s email marketing game. Inside you will discover what makes email the right choice, how it stacks up against traditional methods and how to craft content that converts. This guide covers email marketing from A to Z.

Quick Start Guide to Email Marketing
If you want to learn more the finer aspects of email marketing in a hurry, this manual is for you. Our Quick Start Guide breezes through the process, from growing your list of contacts to measuring performance once your campaign wraps up. No fluff here. We jump right into the specifics.

Winery Email Marketing
Don’t let the name fool you. This guide can come in handy whether you specialize in wine products or software solutions. This is the guide to read if you want to learn more about segmentation, testing and how to maintain good relationships with an engaged audience of subscribers. In addition to demonstrating how email marketing can be used to work towards your business goals, we also go into detail about how Benchmark Email can help you accomplish them.

Cleaning House: How to Build Healthy Email Lists
The list is an email marketer’s most valuable asset. Hence the name. This manual lays out the steps for building and maintaining healthy lists. Inside, we cover list hygiene from sign up and sending frequency to managing bounces and unsubscribes. If you have been feeling that your list is in need of a good scrubbing, this is the manual to exfoliate with.

How to Start Email Marketing
This is the perfect guide for the business professional or team who wants to know more about the benefits of email marketing and what it takes to get started. We dive right into the power of this proven technique, discuss the types of campaigns you can deploy and even go over some of the limitations. After reading this manual you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to put together the perfect email marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing Online: Surveys and Email Polls
Feedback can be a powerful marketing tool in its own right. Read this document to make yourself familiar with the benefits of integrating surveys and polls into your marketing strategy, types of surveys that are available to you, strategies for using them and how often they should be used to gather feedback.

Email Marketing Best Practices & Trends 2011
A followup to How to Start Email Marketing, this guide takes a comprehensive look at effective email marketing strategies. We teach you how to keep spam away from your campaigns, craft engaging landing pages and retain subscribers. This guide concludes by delving into the trends that have been projected to impact the online marketing landscape in 2011.

Metrics: Tracking & Reporting with Benchmark Email
As the name implies, this manual is all about the metrics that make email marketing worthwhile. With full analysis of Benchmark’s Real-Time Reports, opens, bounces, clicks and abuse covered in detail, we also provide Benchmark Email users with tips on how to improve each metric.

Email Marketing for Associations & Organizations
We take a look at how larger associations and organizations can successfully leverage email marketing to meet their objectives, how open and click-through rates for associations and organizations stack up against other industries, the short and long term goals email can help accomplish and the importance of keeping your marketing CAN-SPAM compliant. Associations and organizations have different priorities than most private sector industries, especially if they operate as not-for-profits, and we take that into account. This guide also weighs the do-it-yourself approach versus using Benchmark Email’s We Do It for You full service email solution.

Introduction to Online Marketing
Email marketing is just one of several internet marketing techniques. In our Introduction to Online Marketing, you will learn the difference between earned and paid advertising, the untold truth about SEO and how social media and video can be used to enhance your overall marketing efforts. If you have been considering coupling your email program with other marketing techniques, this guide can put you on the path to effective integration.

Automotive Dealership Marketing
Email can be a powerful marketing tool for just about any business and in any industry. In this manual, we explain the current state of automobile and motorcycle dealerships and how they can vastly improve their online strategies by making the most of email, social media and online marketing in general. From covering the benefits of taking your marketing initiatives online to providing a brief introduction of the features here at Benchmark Email, you will learn why it pays to accelerate your business beyond traditional media.

Restaurant Email Marketing
This one should probably look familiar since we just released it this week. Do you really need another summary? Here it is: Restaurants! Stop by Benchmark Email and peruse our original manual on email marketing for cafes, diners, roadhouses and all-you-can-eat buffets! Inside we cover the current events in the world of restaurant marketing, compare open and click-throughs by industry and tell you how Benchmark can uniquely benefit your customers and success.

There you have it: A complete rundown of Benchmark Email’s marketing manuals. While this is more than enough to get you started, you can count on us continuing to build this section in our ongoing journey to become the ultimate email marketing resource.