For Tech Week, I’d like to change it up a bit and point to a gizmo that I am eagerly anticipating: the iPhone Angle.

More often than not, you may find dozens of similarities among concept designs for iPhone accessories or just iPhone prototypes. It’s truly amazing that even so, each concept presents a distinct kind of flavor that thrills more iPhone fans all over the globe. In this article, you’ll meet Angle; and it’ll prove to you that with the hordes of iPhone headsets and accessories, Angle is the one you’ll need to look out for.

When Bluetooth was first introduced in 1994, it paved the way for a world that is unified by numerous wireless interconnections. It popularized the concept that mobile devices can transmit data without the mess of tangible cable connections at no specific time span. It poses a limitation, though, in that it should be done over short distances, but nevertheless it has become very useful.

With Angle, you need not press a button or adjust internal settings for your phone’s Bluetooth in order to answer a call. It can intuitively pick up the phone by one swift movement. How is this possible?

Angle is attached as a part of your iPhone case, at the upper left portion of the back area. It has a rectangular hole extension that is large enough to clip on your ear once you hold your iPhone close to your cheek. The official website doesn’t say much about how it adheres to iPhone cases, but since it is easily removable once it clings to the ear, it could be that the temporary adhesion between the headset and the rest of the case is through a magnet.

There is a video available that demonstrates how it works in an actual setting. Just grab your phone like you usually would when answering calls, slide it down, then Angle will be left behind clipped on your ear. It automatically activates the Bluetooth connection with your phone to retrieve a call within nanoseconds.

The rest of the case also has a function of itself. When you plug Angle back to its case, the compact middle area actually works as a charger. It conducts electricity the same time you plug your iPhone to charge. This way you’ll be saved from the mess of bringing an extra charger for your headset when you can have just one for both your headset and iPhone.

And the best part is, the cases come in cool, funky and various color block combinations. This definitely meets functionality with some style.

So far, the latest progress in this concept is that Orange is working with its three designers to help this iPhone accessory come out in the market real soon. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait for too long!

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