Can’t be bothered with the long lines and crowds of Black Friday? Is putting the game controller down and venturing out of your mom’s basement for some natural sunlight just too much to ask? Gamers, couch potatoes and people with claustrophobia can now rejoice. For the past five or so years, retailers have seen a major sales boost on the Monday following Thanksgiving. This day has since become known as Cyber Monday. Now deals as good, if not better, than Black Friday go up on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

If Valentine’s Day and the like are holidays created by the greeting card industry, Cyber Monday must have been created by email marketers. Email campaigns for Cyber Monday are destined to be ROI goldmines. With careful planning and targeted email marketing, there is no reason a Cyber Monday campaign shouldn’t be among the most successful of the year.

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Cyber Monday tips:

– Start promoting early so your customers don’t go elsewhere on Black Friday.

– Offer discounted or free shipping so customers will opt for your deals over going to the stores.

– Use list segmentation so your campaigns are as targeted as possible.

– Be sure your website can handle any additional traffic it may receive on Cyber Monday.

– Take note of what works and doesn’t work this Cyber Monday so you can improve for next year.

Sample subject lines:

– Stay in this Black Friday. Celebrate Cyber Monday

– Save more without leaving your couch

– Get the sales, skip the lines