Email marketing, and online marketing in general, has a great advantage over other traditional marketing methods. Tracking!

A billboard on the freeway gets a lot of views and impressions. But they aren’t cheap and they don’t usually reach people in their best mood (stuck in traffic) – and how in the world do you track it? Who made a purchase from seeing that sign? The same goes for most traditional marketing: How in the world do you track it? And even more importantly, how do you get feedback?

On April 22, Benchmark Email will reveal the full potential of email marketing in our live Friday Webinar. In half an hour you will learn how to:

  • Track your emails
  • Get the right feedback from your subscribers without even asking
  • Divide contact lists by meaningful factors that will drive higher open rates
  • Increase click-through rates with targeted email campaigns

Benchmark Invites you to sign up to our FREE Webinar on Friday, April 22 and learn more about your subscribers. We can’t wait to see you there!