If you’ve ever read The Giving Tree, you know that it’s easy to take trees for granted. I also know this, because I attend music festivals like it’s my job. Festivals are generally held over a three day period in a field in the middle of nowhere. Shade is hard to come by and is quite the hot commodity. You will see throngs of people sitting in whatever shade they can find. It’s when the hot sun is bearing down on me that I appreciate trees the most.

Arbor Day is April 29th. It’s a whole day established to appreciate trees. On this day, everyone is encouraged to plant and care for trees. It is celebrated worldwide, but not always on the same day or in the same way.

Celebrate Arbor Day with your subscribers with a custom Arbor Day email template. Share your favorite things that trees provide (shade, maple syrup, etc.) or perhaps reference the Giving Tree. After all, email is a great way to save some trees!

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