Winter Solstice. The darkest day of the year. I’m a glass half-full guy, though. It’s also the moment in time that our days begin to get longer. It’s a lot easier to stay positive about it living in sunny Southern California than when I lived in Chicago. Then, I spent long days holed up inside at work, beginning before the sun came up. Sadly, I’d be leaving the building after the sun had already set. The only time I would see the sunlight was when it would taunt me from the large picture window next to where I sat all day. It was dark any time I was outside, with a bitter chill too. Now, not only do I work friendly hours that include sunlight, but it’s pretty darn nice out. Even when the sun has set.

The Winter Solstice has many meanings across cultures and religions. If I were still in Chicago, I’d surely be spending as much of the day in bed – wrapped up in blankets – as possible. It’s hard to get excited about seasonal goings on in Los Angeles. Especially when the Christmas decorations are generally hanging from palm trees and it’s 85 degrees.

If you’d like to celebrate Winter Solstice with your subscribers, I suggest going the route of reminding them the days only get longer from there. It’s a positive spin that could be the light at the end of the tunnel for your subscribers in the colder, darker climates. Use a Benchmark Winter Solstice email template, and celebrate more hours of sunlight with your subscribers.

Free Benchmark Winter Solstice email template from Benchmark Email

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