Last week we hosted our first Google Hangout on Air. It was a lot of fun, we had a ton of great, attentive viewers who asked great so many awesome questions. We didn’t have enough time to answer them all. Since we were already planning on bringing our Ask Andy web series to the blog, we figured we’d start answering some of the unanswered questions from 40:1 Live.

What is the best way to start sending out email? -Stephen A

The simple answer is: just do it (sorry Nike … you can’t have the monopoly on that piece of advice). Want an idea for your first campaign? How about a welcome to my email newsletter. Not the welcome email they’d get for subscribing, but one introducing what it is you plan to do with your newsletters or other email campaigns. You can even admit it’s your first one. Just do something to let them know why they should open up each and every email campaign you send.

How do I get my email to stand out with all the emails coming into people’s inboxes? – J Cruz

The first two things your subscribers will see is the From Name and your subject line. The from name should be something, or someone, your subscribers are familiar with. The subject line should be interesting and make your subscribers want to open the email. You don’t have many words to do it with either.

Once you’ve succeeded with those two things, there are many ways you can make your emails stand out from the crowd. Great copy is one way. An awesome, stylish design is another. Captivating images, creative infographics and even fun facts are all other options. Dropping endless pop culture references and being a cartoon is my thing, so back off!

I would like to have more of a back-and-forth communication with my subscribers…how can email marketing help with that? – Toni M.

Having engaged subscribers is key to your email marketing success. Polls and surveys are a great way to begin a back and forth with your subscribers. Ask them what they want to hear in future email campaigns. Or for feed back on your products and services. Even without a poll or survey, you can ask a question and ask for a response on your social networking channels.

You can also use email to promote a contest that will increase interaction with your subscribers. Just be sure if there’s a social media tie in, that you’re compliant with any restrictions on contests for that social channel. Or .. .you can have them ask you questions and you can respond to them with your cartoon, but still… My. Thing.