Ask Andy has returned. As we mentioned in the intro post, he’s back with “style.” To paraphrase what the video’s intro is spoofing: “heyyyyyyyyyy…small business owners!” That’s right. In this video we’re teaching you all about Big Marketing on a Modest Budget. Ask Andy style!

Small business owners are the type of user Benchmark Email comes across most often. We understand that times are tough and it’s hard to get by. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be marketing. On the contrary!

Ask Andy is here with several ideas to help you market in a way that won’t break the bank. Email, social media and your blog are all marketing channels at your disposal. Even short videos can do the trick…even if they are beginning to point their creator towards narcissism.

All week we’ll be running posts tied to the theme of Big Marketing on a Modest Budget. If you ReTweet any post in the series you qualify to win a Kindle Fire & a $50 Amazon gift card. You must subscribe to Benchmark Email on YouTube to be eligible to win. Good luck!
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