The novelty of having myself as a cartoon is yet to wear off and we have more great questions to answer. This edition of Ask Andy discusses how to create eye-catching emails that won’t be deleted. The preview panel in most email clients has made how your email looks more important than ever.

The subject line is your first impression and chance to get the reader’s attention. Think of it like a pickup line. Most pickup lines are cheesy as can be, but you can probably rattle off a good 3 – 4 off the top of your head. They stick with you. So, make sure your email’s legs are tired. You know…because it’s been running through your subscribers’ minds all day.

Another thing you can do to grab the viewer’s attention is to change up your email template or design. Sports teams do this well. There’s always throwback jerseys or jerseys for other special occasions. On Mother’s Day, the players use pink bats, batting gloves and cleats. The San Diego Padres have camo-themed jerseys in support of the military and nearby Camp Pendleton. Something to draw the fan’s attention, more than the same old usual home and away uniforms.

Just this morning, I read a story about a shot of a rarely photographed underwater creature going viral. The photographer found an old photo he’d misplaced in a wrong folder a couple years ago and posted it to his Facebook page. The seldom seen Mola mola was an instant hit and had more than 1,000 shares in just over a day. That’s all it takes, captivate your viewers with great images and your email won’t soon be forgotten.

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