I hope that everyone has been enjoying the Marketing in Focus series so far! We’ve had some great guest bloggers contribute to this point and there’s several more to come. Don’t forget that you can win a GoPro Hero 3 White Edition video camera, just by adding Benchmark to your Circles on Google+.

One of the parts of Marketing in Focus that I have most been looking forward to is a brand new edition of Ask Andy. That’s right, my cartoon counterpart is back! I hope that all of you are as excited as I am. This time, Ask Andy teaches you how to build consistent branding throughout your social networks.

Photographers can also maintain their brand image across their platforms. I know many photographers that share a few of their favorite images from recent shoots on their Facebook or Google+ pages. When they do that, they add a signature or watermark to their photos. That way their own brand is attached to each image, no matter the subject.

If your company wants to post photos on social media, one way to keep it grounded is to add a header or footer to the images. A simple bar that contains your logo, added above or below a photo, will tie your brand to the image. That way you don’t alter the image at all, and your brand will always be associated with it.