I realize how important event marketing is with each new trade show, mixer and other various events I attend with Benchmark. Your email, social and other marketing channels are all the more powerful when there has been some face-to-face interaction as well. I received my first events related question for Ask Andy and jumped at the opportunity to answer it.

Stephen S. asks, “When brainstorming ideas for event marketing, is it better to hold to the idea that “less is more,” or do complex concepts tend to garner the most success? How important is familiarity when designing the event, as opposed to somehow going the road less traveled?”

The short answer is all of the above. There really is no right or wrong method when it comes to running an event, as long as you stay true to your goals and can communicate your message. Those are the two core things to consider when planning an event. I’ll let my cartoon counterpart take it from here:

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