Targeted Emailing is like having an inside man, a mole if you will, that informs you on your most engaged subscribers. It’s the pin point accuracy of Katniss Everdeen that allows you to hit your targeting bulls eye in the midst of the Hunger Games that is inbox noise. I won’t rob you of this rich information any longer. Check out the newest Ask Andy:

Discover Your Biggest Fans

With Targeted Emailing, you can discover your most engaged subscribers. These are the people that are always opening or are most often opening your email campaign. You can choose to reward their loyalty or test out campaigns with those you know are most likely to engage.

Click Focus

This is a powerful list segmentation feature. You can specify the exact links you want to see who is clicking. This is a great option for businesses that cater to different niches, whether it’s a clothing designer that has men’s and women’s lines or a sporting goods store that has customers who prefer the outdoors to the hard court or grassy field. It will help you make sure you’re getting the most relevant email content to your subscribers.

Reengage or Remove

Not all of your subscribers will be your biggest or most engaged fans. Some won’t open your emails or click on any links. It happens. It’s most likely their loss. With the Targeted Emailing feature, you can discover those subscribers. You can then either try a reengagement campaign or remove them from your list completely. One popular reengagement campaign is to simply tell the subscribers that you will be removing them from your email list, unless they decide to opt-in again. Everyone wants what they can’t have! Otherwise you can try something more out of the box. Those subscribers are on the way out the door anyways. Why not try something new and/or fun?