It can surely be argued that the World Cup received far more than any amount of coverage which could be deemed reasonable, with literally trillions of words being bandied around the internets dealing with every major and minor occurrence. With the popularity of top-X lists where an endless parade of bloggers spend the vast majority of their days providing suggestions for adopting certain strategies into your marketing campaign, an absolutely staggering amount of false and misleading advice has been propagated. Marketers have been misled into thinking that certain tips and tricks will make their business expand to the ranks of a multibillion dollar business like Real Madrid or Manchester United. These are the top five ways to dynamite your brand faster than defending champ Spain crashed and burned when they were barely into the World Cup games:
1. No control over sales – An enormous mistake is made when a sales department is operated with a lack of strictly defined rules. When the representatives are allowed to discuss value propositions with prospects and produce sales independently, it tends to mess up the entire image of the company in the eyes of your customers. Leaving each rep to deal with sales approaches according to their own judgment will result in two representatives expressing a consistent aspect of sales … not! This could damage your brand’s image and reputation, marking you to your customers as inconsistent, which is an identity you most definitely don’t want in the social media age.

2. Going big with bonuses – When a user buys or uses your product, they usually do so because they receive some measure of benefit from that action. It’s usually a single (and rarely two or three), beneficial features at the most that result in a sale. Presenting your product with limitless possibilities in the amateurish and desperate marketing approach of “get this item free, then get that other item free and you will get this bonus item too” results into benefit overdose, making your potential customers feel uncomfortable and alienated instead of engaged and enthusiastic. Going too far with marketing surely has its diminishing returns so hold back on the bonus reins!

3. Trying to expand too fast – The reason why there are so many millions of companies in business all over the world is simply because they’re all specialized to a different niche. Have you ever seen a Kenworth in a Harley-Davidson dealership, or a silver high school charm bracelet next to the six figure Rolex in a jewelry store? Determine what you’re trying to achieve, and stick to it, with the mindset to conquer it completely. It is usually a grievous error to try appealing to multiple markets if you’re only good at a specific aspect.

4. Not staying consistent – This is probably the reason why FIFA hasn’t gone into the car racing business and Formula 1 hasn’t started their own Premier League club. Not that they don’t have the funds to do it, they simply don’t need to. The values of your brand should remain consistent across months and years to come. Don’t run with the wind, but keep your direction true to what you originally started with.

5. Not interacting on social networks – This is a mistake a lot of brands commit, and it is one which makes the ones that do it right stand out from the crowd. Just like their name says, these networks are supposed to be social. Answer all reasonable comments, commit to communicating with your fans, and the loyalty of your fans will increase exponentially. Soon you might find even more of them cheering you on than the throngs which filled Maracana Stadium!

Even though these points seem pretty obvious, and no marketer would consciously commit these mistakes, it is actually extremely worrying how many of do. With so many bloggers tapping away on their keyboards and posting at a rapid-fire rate, an inordinate number of them fail to focus on one thing: what should you avoid doing. Stand out from your competition, don’t repeat the mistakes of someone else, and you’ll score that critical winning goal at the shootout!