It may be scorching hot out now, but before we all know it, the weather will start to cool and kids across the nation will be headed back to school. While very few (if any) kids are looking forward to this occasion, marketers from your industry and beyond will be rejoicing. Why? Because this time of the year means opportunities. Your email marketing campaigns must look good in order to take advantage, so here are some solid ideas for your back to school email templates.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme for your back to school email template will make it a lot easier to plan and coordinate your design. So what would be some good themes to incorporate? Anything related to school of course, so rest assured that you have plenty to work with.

This process can be made simple when thinking images, symbols and traditions. For example, apples are traditionally associated with teachers and the fall season, which is around the time school starts back up. Pencils, rulers, scissors and other school supplies are also items that can help you come up with a fitting theme. Be creative and incorporate a theme that embodies the spirit of the season at hand.

Make It Look Good

Email marketing is a phenomenal tool, but letʼs be honest, email itself can be pretty boring when the marketer doesnʼt take the time to properly dress it up before sending it out. No matter how valuable your content may be, the fact that it takes at least a bit of copy to get your point across means you run the risk of lulling the reader to sleep before they even get to the good stuff. This is why you should aim for nothing less than eyecatching when designing your back to school email templates. The proper use of images, headlines and white space can take your message from plain to spectacular.

Implement Your Offers Wisely

If you donʼt know by now, it takes a tight presentation that screams professionalism and credibility to not only get subscribers to pay attention, but take that next crucial step in the buying process. A well designed template can go a long way in accomplishing both objectives. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that a good look is a mere piece of the puzzle. Whether your campaign is aiming to drive a single back to school offer or a huge sale, it is your copy and content in general that must speak to the reader and compel them to move forward. An eye catching design will grab their attention, but it is up to you to close the deal.

Choose the Right Template

Contrary to popular belief, you donʼt have to be a seasoned web developer or designer just to create a good looking email campaign. On the other hand, if you do lack experience, your ability to create beautiful campaigns will depend on the templates you select. Your choice can either result in a smooth ride, or a bumpy road full of cracks and craters. Check out Benchmark Emailʼs selection of newsletter templates or feel free to customize your own and import it.

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